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Business Travel’s Influence on Employee Retention, Recruitment and Results

In this competitive world, the biggest concern for business leaders is to recruit and retain productive employees. Based on recent research, apart from compensation and benefits, 87% of performing employees said that providing a wide array of growth opportunities is a critical priority for their organisation.

However, since recruitment and retention are two vital areas for running a successful and profitable business, progressively companies are making their workplace more attractive to work with exciting out of the box benefits and global business travel opportunities that aim to improve their employee experience much further.

Majority of all employees accepted their job entirely or in part because of the business travel opportunities it offered and over one-third would actively pursue a new career if it provided more business travel.

Find out how corporate travel management companies help business organizations to achieve global appeal and reach and how business travel influences

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How Do You Stay Healthy While Traveling for Work?

Not only are you dealing with your mental peace and health, but you also have an added pressure to make an impression in front of  colleagues when going on a corporate travel, more so in front of clients. Some barely get time to sleep, let alone a healthy meal or a quick-fire workout. Due to chronic stress, frequent travellers increase the risk of physical and mental health. So, it is important for a traveller to pay heed to their eating habits, sleeping routines and lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy during travel:

Sleep well: The effects of sleep deprivation are undebatable but getting enough sleep during a business trip can be uncertain too. There are thousand and one reasons to fall behind on sleep during your business trip; it can be early morning flights, time zone changes, late night interactions with clients, et cetera. Follow a sleep routine as much as possible. Instead of catching up on emails and work, try going to bed when you return. Buy a good eye

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World’s Leading Travel Management Company: FCM Travel Solutions

FCM Travel Solutions is the world’s leading business travel management company and we can see why. They provide travel solutions in about 95 countries and have more than 8000 experienced travel professionals to provide business travel assistance 24/7. They manage the travel programmes for some of the world’s leading corporate brands. It is globally recognised and has won World Travel Awards for five years consecutively. And hence it makes one of the best corporate travel agencies in the world.

FCM Travel Solutions provides technologically advanced services that are tailor-made to suit the needs of the customers. They have employees who are skilled in satisfying every client requirement and help them in maximising the returns on investment spent on travel. They are specialised in reducing travel costs and ensure that the customer needs and priorities are fulfilled round the clock. They work with clients across various sectors of the industry and ensure that fast and friendly service

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Airport Tips: How to Make Your Business Trip Easier and Hassle-Free

The ability to travel without having to tackle any contingency and hassle appearing in the airport premises is every business traveller’s enviable virtue. Regardless of the number of times precautionary measures are taken, there’s always that one slip up which would derail the smooth continuity of travel. One of the ways to experience zilch travel disruptions is to leverage the services of a business travel agency. Other times it is best to consider the advisories of a seasoned business traveller. Here are 8 airport tips as firmly followed by experts.

  • For a smoother airport experience, every business traveller should bank on an airline mobile app and leverage on the added advantages that it features, some of which are booking and check-in capabilities, flight statuses, lounge locations, and travel advisories, to experience convenience at your fingertips.
  • Technological advancements in this contemporary society are humankind’s asset as it accelerates processes and mitigates wastage o
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How Collaboration Technology Impacts Corporate Travel

The ever increasing travel costs can be greatly reduced by adopting technology. A company can avail the services of a travel management provider who incorporates technology to provide travel expense management solutions. Bringing in technology while travelling helps in a more streamlined corporate travel. Cheaper and effective booking of hotels, trains, planes and cabs can be made easier and faster. Also using such tools greatly helps in making management reporting more effective and quicker. And when it is finally the time to compile the various expenses, there would be no trouble as these technologies can compile the data real time and produce reports. There won’t be any necessity to manually keep tabs on the various expenses and sum them up together. There are different kinds of technologies that can be implemented like online travel booking tools and expense management technology to reduce costs greatly.

All in all, it is indispensable for companies to use modern technologies to r

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Maximize Your Business Travel Management Reporting, Maximize Your Savings

In today’s world, business travel management is more of a necessity than a luxury. No wonder, companies encourage their employees to cross borders and do all that it takes to offer the best of services and solutions. Thus building a strong and healthy business relationship. Once that is built, it becomes even more important to maintain the relationship and that’s when business travel becomes more of a 
norm. A daily affair, so to speak.

For companies that send executives overseas regularly, it is important to have travel reporting & analysis, which will help save money, time and energy. 
Best business travel sites offer reporting and analysis as a service but not all of them offer in-depth scrutiny or planning, and that’s where a professional business travel company with considerable industry experience, does make all the difference.

Here’s what a business travel agency or travel company would be able to offer when it comes to travel reporting & analysis through business travel manag

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Best Apps for Business Travelers

Mobile solutions for business travel booking, a comprehensive travel expense management system and travel reporting solution are a godsend for businessmen always on the move. Many corporate travel firms offer mobile apps and platforms for entrepreneurs and top executives who are globe-trotting to manage their itineraries and schedules. So, what are the popular mobile apps for business travellers?

  • FCM mobile app: A mobile app/platform is a one-stop solution that helps a businessperson manage all aspects of an impending journey, from flight bookings to hotel reservations. A traveller can access an airlines’ online check-in system with pre-fill details, which is a huge advantage. Tracking status of flights and other alerts pertaining to security, weather conditions and currency are also available. This unique platform also comes with a travel reporting solution and travel expense management system so companies can make use of them to keep track of their executives travel patterns and s
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