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Build a Masjid Project

by farhanali6 days ago

build a masjid project

Whatever plan we think for our future; to build a house is a must have plan amongst our future plans. This house is our dream house where we live a comfortable life but dear brothers this house is only for this world what about the hereafter? Let us think about our hereafter how can we build a house in the hereafter? The answer is this that if someone wants to build a house in paradise he should build a masjid in this world and he will get a house in paradise.

All the people in this world are not equally wealthy. Allah Almighty gives some people more wealth than other people. If someone is granted wealth by Allah Almighty he should spend this wealth in the way of Allah Almighty. One best way to spend the wealth in the way of Allah is to build a masjid project you will earn a huge reward from Allah Almighty.

We always observe there is a lot of construction work going on around us like construction of shopping malls, factories, houses, masjid construction project in all these constru

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Sadaqah in Quran

Sadaqah saves a person from calamities and it brings the pleasure of Allah Almighty. In many blessed Ahadees the reward of sadqa is mentioned. In one blessed Hadees it is stated like this that give sadqa in the morning; this sadqa will save you from calamity. You can donate sadaqah online easily and earn reward from Lord Almighty.

Ramazan is the month of Allah Almighty. One of the special virtues of this month is giving Sadaqah donation. You can give your portion by online sadqa service and earn a great reward. As we know in blessed Quran Kareem and Ahadees Mubarak its importance is mentioned frequently. Let us give online sadqah and earn a reward.


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