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Impressive Ways to increase Customer Experince

Well, you all heard the term "the customer is king" everybody believes in but only a few try to make them feel like a king. Because of the increase in technology and the development of communication, it is very easy to connect with the customer. customer retention is the Direct result of his experience on your website. People often complaining about the time taken to enrich the User experience and the brainstorming it demands.

Here I am breaking the myths that surround to improve the Customer Experience.

1. Send a card or greeting to the User

The customer often feels obliged and special when you surprise them. A greeting with a thank will not cost much but it will deeply connect your brand with the User. eg on a third purchase you can send your customer a greeting and be thanking him for making a purchase with us. This overall soft gesture will increase the goodwill and brand loyalty.

2. Personalize your Packing

The Pizza shop is a great lesson for us because they are packing the

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