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The Deflame Diet: DeFlame your diet, body, and mind - Infographics

Dr. Seaman coined the term "DeFlame" as a simple educational tool to help better understand the benefits of replacing pro-inflammatory foods with anti-inflammatory vegetables, fruit, nuts, and roots/tubers. He first identified that diet promotes inflammation based on research published in the 1970s and 1980s. Most have only begun to see this relationship in recent years. In contrast, Dr Seaman has written multiple articles and chapters on this topic over the past 25 years.

The DeFlame Diet is about eating anti-inflammatory foods to turn off the chronic disease-promoting "flame" created by pro-inflammatory foods. This is the first nutrition book for the general public that delves into inflammation in great detail, yet in a fashion that is understandable. Readers will never be confused again about what foods we should and should not be eating.

For more information, Visit: Anti Inflammatory Course | Pro-Inflammatory Foods

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Breast Health Promotion | Anti-Inflammatory Diet Books

Check out the Deflame Programs, Breast Health Promotion The anti-inflammatory diet and the supplement options.

For more information, Visit:   Breast Health Promotion 

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AVED-Multi Iron Free | Nutritional Supplements

AVED-Multi Iron Free is available in a 60 and 120 count size. It is best to take an iron-free multivitamin/mineral supplement, as iron intake beyond our needs can lead to free radical production and cell damage. Only those with an iron deficiency should take iron. AVED-Multi is analyzed after production to insure that tablets contain the stated dose on the label and digestion tests are performed to ensure nutrient absorption.

Price: $30

About Deflame:

DeFlaming, or to DeFlame, is the opposite of inflaming. In other words, DeFlaming is about reducing inflammation. The focus of is about how poor nutrition promotes chronic inflammation, which leads to aches, pains, depression, fatigue, general ill health, and chronic disease. To combat chronic inflammation consider acquiring The DeFlame Diet book, DeFlaming supplements from Anabolic Labs, and consider DeFlame Consulting. To the right are additional ways you can DeFlame your life.

For more information, Visit: Nutritional Su

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Nutritional Supplements | Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Diets is devoted to nutritional supplements and other lifestyle approaches for reducing inflammation.


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