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Is getting a supplementary card a good idea?

A supplementary card can provide financial assistance to people who are facing monetary instability. But it has its own set of drawbacks. While it can be useful for a potential supplementary card holder, there would be a mountain of responsibilities and risks for the principal cardholder.

Here is a list of pros and cons of supplementary cards. Pros: When you want to keep a track of household expenses

If you want to track your expenses on groceries, bills and other family-related expenses, getting a supplementary card would be a good idea. When someone close to you needs emergency financial help Any member in the family who is not creditworthy, for instance, an unemployed spouse, a child, or a retired parent, who needs financial assistance in say travelling abroad, could be given a supplementary card.

ConsAccompanies risks and responsibilities If the supplementary cardholder falls prey to online credit fraud or ends up losing the card, you will be held responsible for the negligence

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