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Handbags and Women Go Hand in Hand - But Why?

posted by damagedthrill5248 6 months ago

As a man struggling to float in a sea of skilled swimming females, I've been upon the verge of sinking, especially in coming to grips taking into account why women always carry all but handbags. I have not following met a girl out and nearly without a handbag, ever. And there has to be some excuse at the back this, one would assume, right? So, I inquired to myself what it is exactly that allures ladies to these bags they commonly tote around. There are obvious differences with men and women, clearly. As men, we pocket a wallet, and on occasion will carry a shoulder bag, depending upon our destination. Yet, women will always carry with reference to a hand sack or purse, no matter where they're off to. But, why the difference? What factor separates us as men and women in our carrying needs? It's A event of Bagology...erm, I mean, Biology: Through some research, I discovered that women are instinctively driven to be carriers and providers. Females actually dependence to carry

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