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Guide to Foam Mattress

posted by dailyrat4773 4 months ago

Memory foam mattress is just a type of mattress that is created from polyurethane. Besides polyurethane, it's also made from other forms of chemicals. The chemicals which might be put into the mattress foams gives it the capacity to increase in density. Memory foam mattress is also called visco elastic memory foam. The mattress originated to be able to meet with the mattress shoppers' demand. The real history of the Polyurethane Foam Mattress could be traced back to the Ames Research Center of NASA. The Ames Research Center of NASA funded a project to design a mattress foam which will help to alleviate pain of the astronauts due to g-forces back in the 1970s. NASA believed the foam product should be applied to adapt to the design of your body. The person would eventually move-out of the positioning, though making a mold for your body can help to fix the problem. Consequently, inappropriate pressure points is going to be formed around the body. Later, ways to produce a foam that could a

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