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River Houses to Jungle homes- Provide all Stays with your Airbnb Clone App

The best thing about AirBnb is that it accommodates all types of stays under its one ‘proverbial’ roof. The more booking higher revenue, and if you are one of the entrepreneurs who are looking for then AppDupe is the place where you get the best AirBnB clone app.

This digital era has changed the way business operates. With the traditional market quickly moving to digital, it is no different for the century-old vacation business to follow suit. Everything we know is turning digital. We hold the throne for building the best Airbnb like apps with our advanced clone script. With smartphone applications dominating the tourism market, it's the right time to enter the field with our cutting-edge app development solutions. Let's get started! https://www.appdupe.com/airbnb-clone-app-development


With the travel and tourism industry surpassing $1 Trillion, it is the ideal time to enter the market and possibly rule it. But developing an app from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. It is

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An app like Gojek- Need we say more?

Why a Gojek Clone is the future?

But First know about Gojek the deca-corn that’s ruling the world.  

Gojek is known worldwide for its multiservice application that provides its users every kind of service under one roof. Gojek gained its recognition in a short period of time because it gave solutions to the everyday problems that their users faced. Entrepreneurs and startups are often on the lookout for the best developers to build them a Gojek clone.  https://www.appdupe.com/gojek-clone

If you want to join this super app revolution, AppDupe is a good place to start. They provide the best solutions that are white-labelled and cost-effective. Visit their website to get your robust app developed in no time.

Gojek clone App - Lead the multiservice industry with your own gojek like app

An application like Gojek is a thriving business in Indonesia as it provides for multiple services that a user requires. Many companies have tried to follow suit with their own all-category service mo

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Rise of Uber for E scooters and the effect on the environment


There’s an increased awareness about the effect of non renewable fuels and car emissions on the environment. People are switching over to eco friendly travel options. One such alternative is Electric cars, but as all of us know, electric cars are more expensive than regular cars. However, it’s prudent and wise to understand the long-term savings associated with electric cars. But all in all, the bottom line is they are Expensive. So what’s an alternative for that? This forms the our topic today. The answer to all this is E scooter, and they have become the talk of the town in the eco friendly aspect.

You can ensure that your customers use E scooters by creating a perfect platform for them. With the right car rental software and car rental booking script, you can get your cars accessible through your very own mobile app. Anyway, we will get to that later. According to a study 1.2 million ride-sharing electric scooters will be sold in Europe, United States, and China (in these count

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What is the revenue model of Instacart clone app?


There’s no doubt Instacart clone apps are being effective and profitable to the entrepreneurs who are amateur and want to make it big in the food delivery industry. The digital world is a benefit to entrepreneurs as it enables easy engaging with customers more than ever. To be a customer-focused company, it is essential to offer an easy workflow that can retain the customers from the start to end.

Why entrepreneurs are looking out for Instacart clone app?

Online grocery industry is booming and when there is a requirement, entrepreneurs make money by fulfilling the demands. According to the latest statistics, In the United States, online grocery sales amounted to about 17.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is expected to rise by nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.

Instacart like app is on the lookout because this app is the best model for an online grocery delivery app. The Instacart clone script inherits all the features and workflows to offer a convenient delivery of groceri

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How AirBnb clone can transform even the dullest of Hotel business?

If you know a lot of people who have homes which can be temporarily used by travellers or visitors, then you should understand that you can make a profitable business out of this. Thinking about the revenue? It is similar to AirBnb’s business model, commission per booking. However, it is to be understood that AirBnb is an 11 year old company and if you wish to come anywhere near that you need to work hard. The best thing you could do to escalate your stay solution business is to create an app that facilitates the same.


Now, that’s where we come in; AppDupe. We ensure you get the best app for your stay business needs. We have a powerful AirBnb clone script that’ customizable to the dot. You can add a lot of features in it. Right from the Admin Panel to Customer App. In any app features are of pivotal importance and you can get the best features for your app from us. Do take a look at the features we offer;

Search And Filter

Customers can search and filter the place, depending on

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What’s the hullabaloo with all this mechanic app ?

What’s the hullabaloo with all this mechanic app ?

And how to get benefitted by it. 

Well, who can deny the fact that when you need a mechanic you would go to any lengths to get hold of one. Mechanical service is set to grow from the earlier 11% (2017)  to 23% in 2020.

Today’s entrepreneurs know there’s money in it, but as usual the question is how to get that? As we all know apps are virtually everywhere (got the pun?), so many users and you use what 20MB of your phone? Would you be okay if we combine both these things together?

Yes, it would be great, as Mechanics is a booming industry and the only way to reach a vast multitude is through app.  https://www.appdupe.com/uber-for-mechanics

You need a good app, that’s a given; so what you need is a great set of features and a good firm which helps materialize it. You need features like;

Mechanic Availability Toggle

Mechanic partners will have the freedom to share their availability.

Mechanic Profile

Mechanics can create thei

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Grofers Clone App - Is that the Perfect app for Grocery Delivery?

It’s summer already stepping out has become a herculean chore in itself. And in times like these who wouldn’t want to get groceries delivered at their homes?

Well, we know people do, we asked about 100 regular grocery shoppers about their experience in visiting the supermarket.

Let us tell you, about 76 people said they wished there was a grocery delivery app and things were delivered to them. Around 26 people of the surveyees said they were okay with going to the shop but it would be nice to have an app that would help them with shopping once in a while. 

Okay we hope we have made our argument clear.

People need on demand grocery delivery app. If you are an entrepreneur with dreams of making it big then you must give people what they want. If your location doesn’t have one, then get in touch with a good firm to create it.

But, before everything it’s important to know the features of the app, feature that you are privy to as an admin, your customers and your partners.

Let’s take

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How to develop a recognizable Uber for mechanics app?

People are thankful as mechanic services have taken the on-demand curve. By providing an app for easy booking and experiencing of services, the impact is amazing financially. Starting an on-demand business is a herculean task. 

The initial stages of establishing a recognition are crucial and even today the world stands by the fact - the first impression is the best impression. And a good first impression can be achieved by providing a few basic features that work without glitches. When you are choosing an app development company for an Uber for mechanic services app, then these are the must-have features.

Significant features required for Uber for mechanic services.,

Quick login

OTP (One Time Password) to authenticate

Service provider availability toggle

A profile for the service provider

Instant notification




Estimation of bill and time of arrival

Ratings and reviews

Enter location

Cross-platform availability


Cancellation of services for u

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Washio clone: The perfect on-demand laundry app

According to Statista, revenue in the Home & Laundry Care market amounts to US$25,127m in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 0.8% (CAGR 2019-2023). Growth and potential of the laundry industry are solid and entrepreneurs want to launch an app that will disrupt the industry. It is definitely not easy to develop an app from scratch with precise details given to the latest features.

I would suggest you get clone scripts of apps that are doing well in the market and then customize it to your needs. You have to be wise when you choose the company and clone script. You need to analyse your requirements and compare it with existing apps to get a clear idea on which clone script to use.

When you choose a clone app development company check if they offer the below services and solutions

  • White-labelled solution
  • Turnkey solution
  • Engaging dashboard
  • Powerful server
  • Website solution
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • And a slew of features for the user, service provider and admin
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A perfect laundry app to deliver perfect clothes

The busier we get, the more is the employment and business opportunities. Decades ago laundry tasks were the ones that took a lot of time in the households. Thanks to technological developments like washing machines, dryer etc. for making our lives a bit easier. However, laundry still remains as a hectic task (we are never satisfied, pun intended). So what do we have today? On-demand apps to book services. Service providers are the launderers who get the work done and relieve us. Now read the first sentence. Makes sense?

 There are numerous apps for numerous services where all we have to do is book the services with a few taps on our smartphones. Laundry apps are getting revenue and seed fundings in millions. So are you thinking will it be a hit to launch an app for laundry service in your region?  It is a great opportunity to start one and you shouldn't wait anymore. Clone apps are proven to be an economical and quicker way to launch an app. Uber has dominated the on-demand market an

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