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Google releases new Chrome features to block carrier fee fraud

Google announced today that Chrome will soon receive a new feature to block carrier-based subscription fraud. In such a scam, a malicious website would ask for the user's phone number, then register the subscription service without the user's knowledge, and withholding fees through the operator. Starting with the Chrome 71 release in December, Chrome will pop up a warning when the site doesn't explicitly tell users that it will make a paid order.

In order to protect developers who provide paid subscription services in a proper manner from this new system, Google today also released a set of best practices for carrier billing. In general, developers are expected to visually display billing information to users, display actual costs, and provide a simple fee structure.

If this information is not provided, then Google will pop up a prominent page warning, and the user can choose whether to continue. Google will notify the webmaster in the search console before detecting possible fraudul

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YouTube enters the Nintendo Switch platform

by chrismcdonald4 months ago

Since its release, Nintendo Switch has sold more than 22 million units . The company plans to sell another 20 million switches this fiscal year.

However, Nintendo does not seem to be focused on promoting the development of non-gaming applications.

So far, only Hulu has introduced the Switch version. Today, however, YouTube has joined the ranks. Switch user can here to download the YouTube app. It's also worth noting that the YouTube app on the Nintendo Switch supports 360-degree video.

Considering that Nintendo has launched a series of Switch-compatible games, including Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon and Fortress Night, YouTube's integration with this console is reasonable. . Switch and YouTube are aimed at younger user groups .

Why have these streaming applications entered the Swtich platform after such a long time? Part of the reason may be that Nintendo is focused on driving the development of games on the Switch.

Nintendo chief operating officer Reggie Fils - Amy (Reggi

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Coffee and Coffee Shops in Canada

by chrismcdonald6 months ago

 The inherent love for coffee culture in Canada reflects favorably on coffee consumption in Canada, thus leveraging growth in coffee intake as well as coffee shops market in Canada. Age remains a potent determinant of coffee intake patterns in Canada, with younger generation preferring foodservice coffee, complete with innovative tastes and appearance, whilst older generation remain inclined towards traditional consumption.

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Further, ambience enhancement continue to remain dominant amongst coffee shops in Canada to entice coffee drinkers and thus leverage growth in coffee shops market in Canada. Further, to justify their leading position, various Canadian coffee chains are also diverting significant investments towards geographical expansion to encourage dominance in the market. Additionally, coffee players in Canadian coffee market are also akin in improving the packaging style of their products to remain industry specific in their o

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Ways to Reach the Right Audience with Digital Marketing

by chrismcdonald8 months ago
Ways to Reach the Right Audience with Digital Marketing   

Digital marketing has radically changed the marketing landscape. Digital marketing is the core element of the successful business. Businesses are effectually availing the digital marketing services in USA to reach out to millions of prospective customers. Further, it also opens new doors of opportunities and new markets. Digital marketing helps the companies in tapping the unrealized potential customers. For the right audience, digital marketing performs wonders in converting the prospective customers into future lead generation.

Let’s suppose that you have the most aesthetically appealing website with easy navigation and high-quality products or services backed by the high-end customer service. None of this matters, if you are not reaching out to the right audience for your brand. To drive the right traffic for your online store, the first thing you need to do is to define a qualified audience for your brand.  Let’s discuss

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Information About Broken Bones And Top Essential Oils For Broken Bones

After a fall, your doctor tells that your bone is broken. You don’t know what type of fracture you are suffering. You want to heal your bone quicker. You don’t know what essential oils for broken bones. This article will give you information about broken bones, how to heal bones and top essential oils for broken bones.

Fractures and treatment Causes

Our skeleton system contains 206 bones which create blood and make a frame to lift up the whole body. The bone fractures occur when bones are attacked by a force which is stronger than the bones can adapt. Having many reasons lead to bone fractures such as bone diseases or a traumatic accident. In the children, the bone is so soft so that it is easy to be broken. In the adult, the bone fracture can cause by traffic and work accident. Osteopo: rosis is a common cause of bone fractures in older adults. In some cases, people have genetic disorders cause osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) which also calls brittle bone disease. The result is that b

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Challenges of Managing Social Media Presence – And How to Overcome Them

by chrismcdonald10 months ago

Managing ones’ social media presence – especially if there are multiple accounts involved or multiple team members – can present a lot of issues, from time management to proving ROI. So, how do you overcome these challenges? How can you get results without panicking on a daily basis that you tweeted the wrong thing, didn’t post enough updates or weren’t there to respond to a comment?

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the main challenges of managing your social media presence – and show you how to overcome them.

Challenge no. 1: Social media is a full-time job

And by full-time, I don’t mean 8 hours a day, 40 days a week; rather, it’s around the clock work. Of course, this depends a lot on your audience; but generally, you’re likely to have followers and audience members from all over the world and with all kinds of browsing habits – from early morning risers to night owls.

And if it’s just one person managing an account – or several, for that matter – it’s impossible to be

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Must-Read: All Information To Become An Electronic Engineer

by chrismcdonald10 months ago

With the great increase in competition in this era, companies have made their all efforts in gaining those candidates who can bring some of the valuable profit and great source of business to the organization. In this regard, it has been seen from the past few decades that electronic engineering has grown exponentially which in turn has brought many Electronics Engineer Job opportunities for the seekers. As you all know electronic engineering is all about the application of electronic devices like of integrated circuits, transistors and others. It also deals with the design and application of circuitry and equipment of power generation and machine control and others.

What electronic engineers do?

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. They work on a variety of projects such as computers, robots, cell phones, cards, radars, navigation systems, and other kinds of electrical systems. They handle different activities such as lighting and wiring

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How to Improve Your Magento Website SERP Visibility?

by chrismcdonald10 months ago

Every company nowadays aims for higher search engine result page (SERP) visibility and why should they not? Higher search engine result page ranking helps drive quality traffic boosts brands and lends businesses the credibility they need to succeed. The process of driving traffic from ‘organic’ and ‘paid’ sources to ace the ranking race on the search engine ranking page is called Search engine optimization (SEO). Along with aligning their content for customers’ needs and mobile optimization for better results, marketers have now realized the value of SEO.  We present below tips which we think will help you improve your SERP rankings:

1. Focus on your mobile site

The ubiquity of mobiles can’t be stressed more. Most consumers nowadays start their product research on mobile.  Hence, it is imperative that businesses focus on giving an unparalleled experience to them through their mobile sites. Search engines give you higher rankings if users click on your mobile site and linger on your s

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Guaranteed Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

by chrismcdonald11 months ago
“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless” -Jeffrey Gitomer

Michael LeBouef was once quoted to say that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all and in more ways than one, his sentiment could not be any truer.Regardless of what business of industry you are in, customer satisfaction is paramount. Not only would this ensure that you would not receive any backlash from selling substandard products or purveying inferior services, but in most cases, it would guarantee you customer loyalty as well—the foundation of every thriving business.

In this regard, you should steer most of you endeavors to improving customer satisfaction and doing what you can in order to meet their expectations—realistically of course. Your productivity apps for sales can only get you so far, if you want a significant improvement on your sales, it is best if you centered your focus on enhancing customer satisfaction. After all, a satisfied customer would almost always guara

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Ways to Overcome Boredom on the Internet

You might have the best internet connection available, one which never acts sluggish. This will usually be the case if you have Charter Spectrum internet. You might use it for watching your favorite shows or for playing your favorite games. Regardless, curious souls like me get tired of monotonous routines. No matter how entertaining the routine may be, repetition does not interest everyone.

In this post, I will outline some interesting ideas to overcome boredom on the internet. Whether you need a break from watching back-to-back music videos, reading, or you are simply open to experimentation – you will find useful things to do below.

Check Emails

You might start feeling bored to death before you even realize it. Why don’t you check your emails? We all have multiple email accounts, and most of our emails are not given the proper attention when we first read them. Want to start with something constructive? Start with emails.

Brainstorm About What You Like

Think about your inclinat

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