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Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas for Dent Repair (Part -1)

posted by asuperiorcollisionshop 8 days ago
tags: auto body shop

Besides death and taxes, there is a third inescapable thing in life – getting a dent in your car or truck. It may not have been your fault (it NEVER is!), but even a small scratch can cause you a heartburn. Once you get over the initial shock, your thoughts will turn to fixing the damage quickly. The obvious solution for you is to take the car to a body shop to allow professionals to do the repair. However, if the damage is only very minor, and you feel that your DIY skills are up to it, here are a few ideas you can try to fix the dent yourself.



Boiling Water

Dents in plastic bumpers can often be pushed out by hand. Some grades of plastic are very stiff, and so they need to be softened before you attempt to push out the dent. To do this, pour boiling water on the dented plastic. This will heat the material and make it more pliable so that pushing out the dent becomes easier. Take care not to burn yourself with the hot water. Because the heat will dissipate quickly, multiple p

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Warning Signs of a Bad Body Shop


Getting into an accident is the last thing you want to happen, but unfortunately, it happens in the life of almost everyone sooner or later.

The quality of the service and repairs impact how soon you and your car recover from the accident—whether you can put it behind you or whether you will continue to have problems for years to come.

You may have an auto body shop you have been using for years or you may be looking for a new one.Whatever the situation, the following red flags should help you avoid bad auto body shops.


Discourteous behavior

How you are treated when you enter the shop for the first time is important—first impressions do count! If the person greeting you is a pathetic or rude, that may reflect the attitude of everyone at the shop. In turn, it will be reflected in the work they do. You and your car deserve to be treated with respect.


Filthy appearance of the shop

The nature of the service creates dirt and debris. If the shop is dirty, the tools in disarr

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Filing an Auto Insurance Claim (Part 1)

posted by asuperiorcollisionshop 2 months ago
tags: auto body shop

Getting involved in a car accident is stressful, even if no one is injured.  The procedures of filing an insurance claim can add to your stress and confusion. It is helpful when you have some prior knowledge of what to do in such a situation.  Here are some ideas to help you to go about filing the claim.


When the Claim should be Filed

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident, irrespective of whose fault it is. This also applies to non-accident related damage such as fire, flood or vandalism. The insurance company’s helpline number is on your insurance card. If for any reason the card is not available, go online or check the policy document for the phone number.


The Information You Need to Provide

Your insurance company will normally ask you for the following:

  • Your name and policy number
  • The validity of the policy (the start and end dates)
  •  The date, time and location where the accident or damage occurred
  • The names and complete contact de
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How you can identify the Right Body Shop

posted by asuperiorcollisionshop 4 months ago
tags: Auto Body Shop

Fixing automobile body damage is not simply a matter of removing the visible effects of an accident. Cosmetic repairs can result in underlying damage being hidden from sight. But hidden damage can continue to get worse, and lead to body defects and even structural damage over time. Because these defects will come to light later when no accident is involved, your car insurance may not cover the cost of repairs. Fixing a dent, replacing a panel, using plastic fillers, matching paint finishes and much more each require a great deal of specialized skill and experience.

Repairs done in a body shop that does not have the ability, or the dedication, to perform high level repairs can leave the vehicle visually unattractive and potentially structurally unsafe. Finding the right body shop is essential to retaining the value of your car and ensuring it is returned to a pre-accident condition. Your life will be a lot easier if you know in advance where to take your car should an accident occur. H

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