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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in India

Item benefit

1. Controller of metal laser shaper with a touch screen working framework:

2. Metal laser shaper embraces Laser Cutting Laser Cutting and Precritic with auto-center

laser cutting head (metal sensor): contact the laser-cutting head spout, surface of

metal plate, cutting head naturally Moving here and there, high affectability, great

soundness. No unmistakable sparkle event.

3. 3 HP metal laser shaper with high-control water chillers: To guarantee laser soundness and

quick task, the laser receives the water cooling strategy to keep the head dependably at

consistent temperature (give or take 5 degrees).

4. Raycus 1000W (IPG1000W) metal laser shaper with fiber laser generator:

photoelectric change rate is high, high pillar quality, working existence of more than

100,000 hours, there is no upkeep cost.

Item Details

1. 3 HP high power water chillers dependably keep the laser head in open to working

temperature. The temperature of the water can be kept up at give or

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