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1-800370-0823 | How to fix AOL Email error 420 - AOL customer care

Troubleshoot AOL Email Error 420


AOL Email is one of the widely used email services across the globe. There are countless people who prefer this excellent email service over others due to its brilliant features. But there is a certain situation when the favorite email of users tends to misbehave especially in terms of showing different errors over a period of time. The most common error faced by the users is error 420. If you are also searching for the solution, then get in touch with AOL email technical support number that stays online 24×7. The professional experts will rectify the error code occurrence.

AOL email error code 420 obstructs the users from accessing their account and also blocks the new user to register for new free account. This issue can be the result of corrupt registry file on your computer or the due to some virus. To fix it instantly from your end, follow the enlisted steps.

Fixing AOL email error 420

There are 2 ways to fix this critical AOL email error co

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1-800-370-0823 | How to resolve the error while sending AOL email?

by aol6 months ago
AOL email tech support number


The users of AOL webmail get hi-tech quality service with advanced features. To send email, share calendars and images countless users access their AOL mail. If you are among them, it can be possible that you encounter with some snags. Are you unable to send Mail through AOL email and looking for help to fix it? You can find a complete solution for this problem through AOL customer careThe experts in customer care are always ready to provide a solution for its issues that means 24 X 7.

However, if you want a solution to send AOL Mail just go through the steps which are described on this blog. Make sure after these tricky steps you are able to fix the problem.

Solution to fix Problem of sending AOL Emails:-

Step 1. First of all, you must be careful if you have a poor internet connection. It can lead to email sending error.

Step 2. Ensure that you have recently login the email or refresh the page. If required then again login in the AOL email.


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1-800-370-0823 | Installation of AOL Mobile APP | AOL mail help

by aol7 months ago

Access the AOL Mail through AOL Mobile App whenever you want!


When the world has been global and everyone wants to get an instant response, don’t you think AOL Mail app is beneficial for you? Definitely, Yes! The new version of AOL Mobile App will help you to access the email anytime from anywhere. If you still don’t have this app, then you should install it on your smart device. After installation of AOL Mobile App, you will not only access the email but also can get news, latest videos and much more. To get more information about the AOL Mail just reach to aol mail help. You can try AOL customer support number anytime to resolve the issues of this email app. The technical team of customer care is 24 X 7 ready to sort out the issues. Well, let’s see benefits of using AOL app on your smartphone.

Silent features of AOL App:-

The email app of AOL Mail is compatible with Android 4.1 and iOS 6.1 version. If you have any other latest version of the operating system then you can instal

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1-800-370-0823 | Verizon move to AOL Email - AOL Email Support

by aol7 months ago
Verizon move to AOL Email


Verizon is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate and a corporate component. In 2015, Verizon expanded its business into content ownership by acquiring AOL email. Since then the users of AOL have been facing some issues. On the other hand, AOL email is a free web-based email service provided by AOL which is a division of Verizon Communications. When Verizon moved to AOL, there occurred many issues that the users face, some of them are discussed on this blog. If you also have some doubts related to this email service then reach out directly to AOL email customer service which stays available round the clock for the solution of user issues.


With its high-end features like more email attachment limit, spam and virus protection, spell check and many more, this email service is among the favorites of users worldwide. With the passage of time, some problems aroused while using this service. Below are some common issues and their solutions.

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1-800-370-0823 | How to update the latest AOL Mobile app?

by aol8 months ago
AOL Email Mobile App Support

AOL customer service number

AOL recently released a new update of Mobile application which needs to be done by the users as soon as possible. With the new AOL media app, people can access their AOL email anywhere and receive instant email notifications. From choosing a video channel to searching the web and changing the weather location, many of the things can be done on AOL application. If you have any query related to the application then reaching out to AOL customer care number is the best option.

People often deal with some issues while using this email application. The problems vary from device to device but that can be sorted easily by following some troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below.

Steps to update AOL App

Firstly, you need to check for the update if that is required or not. For doing that –

  • Open the AOL App
  • Tap the settings icon
  • Scroll down to support and tap about the AOL app

Your app version will be listed already there and if the version number i

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1-800-370-0823 | How to create new AOL Email account?

by aol8 months ago
Get AOL Email Support to Create AOL Email account

AOL customer service

Do you want to explore the features of AOL email? Are you unable to create the new account? Are you facing any issues in entering your details? If these questions seem similar to yours then you are definitely reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about creating the new AOL Email account. You can take help from the AOL technical support phone number anytime, for hassle-free creation of your account.

This web email gives you a personalized mail experience to connect with your friends and family. It must be noted that you can be the part of AOL email family in two ways by being the free subscription member and other by being the paid one.

For creating a new account   
  • Choose the device through which you want to make your account
  • Check if you are well connected to the internet
  • Type the URL of the AOL web page
  • Go to the main AOL Page
  • Click Login/Join in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click Sign up at the bottom of the
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Why is AOL email best option for other email services?

by aol8 months ago

AOL customer care


AOL email has more than 10 million users over the world and every user utilize its features to enhance their work performance. The service of AOL email was started in 1993 by Bill von Meister. This email is available in more the 54 languages over the world. If you still don’t have an account on AOL email then just create here because this is free web-based mail with exclusive features. The founder of AOL email started this as Video Corporation in 1983 but after 1993 it’s completed changed to provide emailing service

Why is AOL email best option for other email services?

The AOL email service has exclusive features for users. Time to time, these users update its version and features. The best features of AOL email are described here:

  1. Unlimited email storage capacity: The AOL email has the ability to store all emails, therefore, users no need to delete any messages.
  2. Spell checker: One of the best services of AOL email is a spell It is an auto-correction featur
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