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What is the importance of learning by design?

by annamartin7 months ago


With the advancements and the changing trends, the education and the learning processes also change to teach the best out of the things and this learning by design is one of the effective ways.

Being a teacher or a mentor for the children and the students all they know is the importance for the increasing of curiosity and the motivation for the students to learn the new things and the good one fast and with the easy and the best approach. As being the mentors, the daily tasks are to engage the students in the problems that are related to the real world and the opportunity for them to make the solution with the learning abilities of the mind and the thinking critically. But the factor that is encountered with the traditional approach is that the students find themselves in a deadlock situation when they are not getting the solution to their problems and tends to get caught. When situations like these appear the teachers need to find out the best ways to engage the students in the bes

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