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Too Much To Do and No Time to Do It In

There just isn’t enough time in a day! That’s a feeling everyone has at times. And with the pressures of life increasing almost daily, it is being felt more often. So what happens when the time pressure gets too much? Things fall part. You can’t do justice to all the aspects of your life – your home, your work, your friends, your interests and everything else. You can’t try to reduce the load by giving up on things that add value to your life – that would be to lower its quality. Maybe finding shortcuts or ways to reduce the pressure will help. But how?


All Bright maids


Find the Best Option

Shortcuts at work are dangerous. The quality of your output will suffer and so will your career prospects. If co-workers find out, your reputation will be shot. You can’t take shortcuts with your family either – that is the center of your life. Neither do you want to lose your friends or give up on your interests and the activities you enjoy. So what’s left? Shortcuts at home.  What is the easiest thing to

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