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Enabling seamless B2B transactions with error-free & quality APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) define how a software program should interact with another through a set of routines, protocols and tools. They enable businesses across various industries such as insurance, travel, logistics, healthcare, finance and more to monetize data, engage and connect with other businesses/ customers through web, mobile and social applications.

APIs are helping businesses with everyday tasks and accelerate data sharing, resulting in a seamless interaction between external and internal applications. This improved speed and delivered business value.

What is API Testing?

API testing involves testing APIs directly as a part of integration testing to ensure APIs meet requirements at various levels such as, Functionality, Integration, Reliability, Performance and Security of an application.

Potential testing needs at API level

For businesses, to forge strategic business partnerships, bring innovation and growth to the next level, it is important to have

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How Crucial Is Accessibility Testing For The Growth Of Business Application

Accessibility Testing of a website, product or an application usually involves extensive manual examination of individual pages, along with testing individual functions like product searches and online form submissions. Accessibility can be achieved using both manual and automated testing of specific elements of the digital technology.

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Is Quality Becoming the Achilles Heel for Insurance Companies? How Test Automation Can Help!

Insurance Automation Testing

Insurers worldwide are motivated to make significant investments in the latest technologies to improve customer retention and reduce costs. By embracing new business strategies and outspreading their online existence to the web and mobile platforms, they are extremely focused on investing in modernization and streamlining their core and legacy systems to boost operational efficiencies.

Due to this development, there has been an increase in the way the customers are accessing and utilizing the information that notifies and allows them to take the right business decisions. However, there are discernible quality challenges faced by insurers in meeting the evolving behavior of customers and their expectations in terms of products and service.

Significant losses and increasing operating costs due to disastrous events have made it challenging for them to sustain in the market. In order to stay ahead of the competition and to provide the customers with a great application experience, the

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How Automation over the Cloud Can Drive Business Efficiency

Digitalization is transforming the business landscape to a great extent. Optimal utilization of resources has become crucial for every enterprise these days, necessitating the need for Automation Testing. Automation Testing is an essential subset of software testing. It can accelerate the process of software validation and increase testing coverage.

Here we stumble across an important question. What is it that makes automation so important yet challenging for organizations? Here are some major challenges.

1. High Upfront Investment Cost: Automation testing, no doubt, is crucial and useful in most agile environments. Though, when looking at the cost, there are many concerns. The early phase of test automation is generally expensive.

2. Distributed Automated Testing: Managing and distributing the workload becomes imperative for every project. Executing several automated scripts in a shorter window requires a lot of resources and machines for parallel execution. Setting up the required

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6 Recommendations for Driving Business Value from Test Automation

The rapid demand for IT organizations to deliver high-quality software at a progressively faster rate has necessitated the shift to agile development and DevOps methodologies. As applications under development become more complex in nature, continuously changing to include new technologies and feature sets, manual testing simply can’t keep up. 

Check out these recommendations to drive business value from your effective automation testing program. Now automation testing has become an indispensable part of quality assurance and software testing services.


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Usability Testing: The Key to a Flawless User Experience

Usability testing is the best way to understand how real users experience your website or application.

Website usability testing is a vital stage to perform before you open your site to visitors. Unless usability test is performed, you cannot know if your site is working the way it should be.

Users are asked to complete tasks, typically while they are being observed by a researcher, to see where they encounter problems and experience confusion. If more people encounter similar problems, recommendations will be made to overcome these usability issues.

With the increasing pressure on enterprises to reduce costs, speed time-to-market, improve quality, testing has gained huge significance and has today become an integral part of the software life cycle.

While enterprises focus on testing the functionality of the software/application, it is also quite essential for them to test some of the key non-functional requirements like security, performance, availability, and usability.

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