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What do you mean by NPV of an investment?

by alisha1234563 months ago

The Net Present Value (NPV) uses the idea of the time value of money to evaluate the viability of an investment option tips. If an investment decision results in cash outflow at the initial stage and a series of cash inflows over a period of time, then the net present value of the cash flows can be calculated as the difference between the present value of the cash outflow and the sum of the present values of the inflows that accrue over a period of time. The discounting rate used in the calculation of the NPV is the required rate of return on the investment and therefore can be customized to reflect the risk in the market.

A positive NPV implies that the investment is worthwhile and a negative NPV indicates that the investment should be avoided. Good MCX tips must have a positive NPV. The NPV is the present value of the gain from an investment and the magnitude of the gain will help decide between different investment options, provided it is calculated at the name point in time. The c

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Fee-only Financial Planners and Advisers

Some financial advisers choose to earn a primary component of their income from enabling clients to plan their finances in a comprehensive manner and charge a minimal fee for extending share market tips. They engage closely with the client, offer advice on most if not all aspects of their personal finance, and charge a fee for their services.The fee may be of various types and a combination of the following: One-time fee for a financial plan. Fee for on-going review and periodic revisions.The asset-based fee charged as a percentage of assets being advised.Referral fee for engaging experts to take care of specific aspects of the plan. Referral fee for execution of plan through other agencies.Selection and portfolio construction fees.Fees for assessment and analysis of financial position  Fee-only financial advisers usually do not take on the execution of the plan or advice. They refer the client to other agencies who may enable execution-n of the recommended investment transactions.  Th

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Who are High Net-worth Individuals?

by alisha1234564 months ago

The core sources of income for HNIs include:Income from house property:Income under this head is taxable if the assessed is the owner of a property consisting of building or land appurtenant thereto and is not used by him for his business or professional purpose. Income earned from a house property is chargeable to tax in the hands of the owner/ deemed owner under the head Income from house property. If a property is transferred to a spouse or minor child, without adequate compensation, it is not valid. The transferor is the deemed owner and income from property is taxable in his hands which can be handled by his intraday tips expert. The income that is taxed will be computed as:Gross Annual Value of the propertyLess Municipal Taxes and Unrealized rent = Net Annual ValueLess Standard deductions and/or interest payable = Income from House PropertyProfits and gains from business or profession:The income charged to tax under this head is not the income from business or profession, but, th

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Easy Ways to Fulfill Your Retirement Goals

1. Dual Purpose of Taxation and Investment

Though tax-planning is an important aspect of financial planning many times we compromise on returns receivable on our investments as we are only looking at the product from a tax deduction perspective.

2. Diversification of Your Retirement Fund

Diversification is an imperative part of financial planning. Funds for retirement should also be well diversified. Usually, retirement planning is done around the fixed and secured investments like government bonds and FDs. Stock tips for tomorrow are considered as best option to check on long investment goals.

4. Easy and Flexible Investments

Investments with stock tips are made flexible. Apart from this, investments in tax saver mutual funds can be made by investing in a lump sum or through a SIP to take the benefit of rupee-cost averaging. Many investors prefer to take the SIP option to gain from the option of rupee cost averaging.

5. Professional Management of Funds

ELSS is managed by fund m

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How Share Market Tips Can Assist You in A Better Way

The share market, however, appears attractive is one of the very intricate and changeable locations in the complete world, particularly if you are new-fangled to it. Appropriate speculation management is needed prior to getting into the trade. Checking on share market tips daily are very advantageous as each stock market investor whether newcomer or experienced settling on which stock they are going to purchase is the main question.

For choosing the stocks it is significant that you accomplish a thorough study of the organization in which you are going to expand. Contributors in the stock market vary from small people to big evade fund dealers.

Consulting a good financial market advisor can bring you great profits. The share market tips present in the marketplace are planned to assist starters to find out and take the best verdicts they feasibly can prior to a flourishing outlay. One must keep himself unwrapped for latest erudition and employ advisors for the proper and specialized r

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Trading rules for intraday

In trading, it is very essential to have a particular set of regulations that you go after faithfully. An investor should create the latest set of trading regulations for better returns. These regulations would assist you in being prearranged by means of your trading. These rules and regulations are not official but should be considered by an investor.General regulations to be pursued in trading:1) Do not keep a deal without a stop order. It would be like sailing a ship without a compass.2) If you mislay three trades in a single day, discontinue trading. Consult your share market tips provider immediately.3) Always diversify your investment, especially, when working with commodities. Almost every planner suggests going through free commodity tips available at least once before making any investment decisions in commodities.4) Always employ a chart creation or technological cause to enter the stock market. Only employ a gesture to enter the stock market. Don’t just take a turn. You woul

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Stocks You Should Invest In Next Month

The market continued to struggle this month with nifty having the levels around 10, 500. It hasn’t been consistently growing however traders are still making great deals out of it through appropriate share market tips. Let us look at the share which you should invest in the upcoming month.GMR InfraThe company is showing an impressive growth in the past and expected to gain some pace in the next month, according to the option tips. This stock is range bound between Rs 17-24 in the last year. The stock successfully bounced back with the lowest level of Rs 14 to Rs 18.Dalmia BharatThe mentioned stock booked a drastic downfall but picked up itself from Rs 2500 to 3100. With the cross-over, it is expected that the stock will be in a bullish trend. And on a weekly chart, the stock is consolidating and it is expected to break out further.ArvindThe stock has also managed to recover from a market mall. For past ten weeks, the stock has been range bound between INR 360 – 430. With a positive cro

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Risk and Return Management

Risk and investing go hand in hand. We can understand risk as the chance one takes that all or part of the money put into an investment can have chances of losing the money. Seeing the bright side, investment risk comes with the potential for investing benefits and capital gains, which is what makes the whole process worthwhile. An investor should remember with higher investment, comes higher risk probabilities. To reduce the rate of risk, an investor should opt for stock tips available in the market.However, the bigger investment doesn’t guarantee the bigger profits. Even seemingly “no-risk” products such as savings accounts and government bonds carry the risk of earning less than the inflation rate. If the return is relatively lower than the rate of inflation, the investment has actually lost on market morals because the earning aren’t being maximized as they might have been with a different investment vehicle. Intraday traders often face various risk, however, it can be reduced thro

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