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[Blog]Best Barn Maintenance Tips @LFFStore

Everyone loves horses but no one enjoys the chores that come with barn maintenance. In fact, most horse owners believe that maintenance is perhaps the hardest part of keeping a horse. Luckily, that’s not the case! While barn maintenance important is crucially important to keep your animals happy and healthy, it’s not all that difficult! Please visit LittleFieldsFarm Blog to read some amazing tips to ensure your barn is well-maintained and that you provide your horse with a healthy living environment.

Best Barn Maintenance Tips

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[Blog]Leaf Management Tips for Autumn @LFFStore

Don’t you just hate the litter caused by leaves that fall in autumn? Well, it is important to realise that fallen leaves are more than just litter! These leaves are a precious resource that can be used in a number of ways around your garden. Instead of just bagging and hauling those leaves like every year, this fall, employ more responsible and beneficial methods for leave management to make the best use of them. Let’s have a look at some amazing leaf management tips to help you tackle fallen leaves like a pro!

Leaf Management Tips for Autumn

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Online Sexy Underwear Shop in the UK

Get gift box packaged underwear delivered to your doorstep with nominal shipping cost. Become Lingerie stocks collection of erotic, naughty & sexy underwear. Become Lingerie is a leading online shop for sexy underwear or knickers. Please visit to check out complete range of sexy/erotic women clothing online.  

erotic underwear front - become lingerieerotic underwear back - become lingerie

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Sexy Bra-Underwear Matching Sets for Sale in the United Kingdom

Wide range of sexy bra matching underwear sets for women online in the United Kingdom. Become Lingerie stocks luxury bra and knickers matching sets at highly attractive prices. Get bra, underwear, knickers etc delivered to your doorstep in luxury gift box packaging within or outside UK with nominal delivery charges.

Bra and knickers matching set front - become lingerieBra and knickers matching set back - become lingerie

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Variety of Chicken Drinkers for Poultry Farming Available Online in the UK

Poultry drinkers come in three different options, plastic, galvanized and painted. The plastic drinkers are very versatile and come in a variety of sizes. Whereas the galvanized drinkers provide weight that can help stop the drinker falling over when becoming empty. If you want to add some variety the cottage drinker range comes in some great colours. LittleFieldsFarm UK provides variety of poultry drinkers at extra 5% discount. Please visit to check out complete range of chicken drinkers online.


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[Blog]Ideal Plants for Hanging Window Boxes @LittleFieldsFarm

Filling your garden with strategically grown plants and flowers is a form of therapeutic arts. In fact, research has shown that gardening reduces stress and helps relieve anxiety. Furthermore, it is deemed beneficial for your overall health. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have yards or lavish lawns to grow colourful flowers and satisfy our inner gardener. However, the good news is that you don’t need a lawn to grow plants and flowers! All you need is a few hanging boxes and an open, airy window. Let’s have a look at some low maintenance plants that will not only bring out the inner gardener in you but will also work to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your house by giving it a colourful welcoming touch here at LittleFieldsFarm UK Blog.

Ideal Plants for Hanging Window Boxes

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[Blog]Leg Boots for Horses @LittleFieldsFarm

While horse boots are not for making a fashion statement, they play a critically important part in protecting the legs of your horse. It is important to understand that leg protection is important, especially if you plan on taking or riding your horse in a public place with lots of people around. Leg boots offer an easy way of making sure that you keep people and other horses from stepping on or kicking the legs of your horse. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of leg boots that you can get for your horse to provide maximum protection wrapped in comfort here at LittleFieldsFarm UK Blog.


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[Blog]All You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening @LFFStore

Whether you have a sole plant in your lounge, a tiny garden in your gallery, or an elaborate indoor garden, houseplants always increase the overall aesthetic beauty of your house. Furthermore, these plants help clean the air in your house. In fact, research reveals that keeping plants inside your home has a number of health benefits. If you keep plants inside your house or are planning to, scroll down to read all you need to know about indoor gardening to make sure your plants thrive and flourish better than ever! Please visit LittleFieldsFarm Blog to read full article. 

All You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening

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[Blog]Flock Care – Dealing With Mites and Lice @LFFStore

Have your chickens been extra itchy lately? Are their feathers a little too ruffed? If this sounds like your flock, you may have an infestation at your hands! Mites and lice are pesky little parasites that can pose serious threats to your flock. A serious infestation can be deadly! So, what exactly causes poultry infestation? Here’s a list of things that can bring mites and lice into your chicken coop at Little Fields Farm Blog UK.


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[Blog]4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Horse @LittleFieldsFarm

Horses are lovely creatures. They are gentle, affectionate and known to develop long-lasting, loyal friendships with humans. How well you know your horse plays an important role in determining the kind of relationship you will have with it. Just like human friendships require time and attention, you also need to spend time with your horse to create a strong and special bond with them. The key lies in getting to know your horse. Here are 4 things you didn’t know about your horse and get to know it better at LittleFieldsFarm UK Blog.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Horse

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