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by Tramadol6 months ago
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Tramadol, known by trade names like Ultram, is an opioid painkiller most often used to treat moderate to severe pain. It was first launched in Germany in 1977.

Tramadol, an addictive synthetic opioid that some studies say is as powerful as morphine, remains unregulated on the recommendation of the.

Several variables affect how long Tramadol remains in the body and for how long it is active. Understand precautions to avoid dangerous.

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The interesting thing about Tramadol is that it provides much the same effect as morphine and hydrocodone, with the latter being a key component of Vicodin.

Tramadol and Vicodin are pain relief medications that a doctor may prescribe when over-the-counter (OTC) medications do not prove effective.

Tramadol has recently fallen under the same scrutiny as codeine because both drugs have an active metabolite formed by the hepatic liver enzyme cytochrome..

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