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BMW 63117267045

Xenon Planet is one of the biggest suppliers of top quality LEAR 7258278 TMS Driver Module. BMW 63117267045 Driver Module is used on BMW F10, F11 Pre-Facelift (2010-2013) and F07 Gran Tourism (GT) Pre-Facelift with Halogen Headlights using H7 bulbs. For more details about part numbers, Visit our online store now.

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BMW 63117279625

Looking for replacement your driver module? TMS module 7316217 is the direct replacement for old headlight ballast. It’s a perfect solution for BMW 63117316217,63117269531, F11 and GT  LEAR TMS Headlight Driver Module for 7316217 7329157 7305235 7304905 7279625.F07 and others part numbers.

BMW F10 F11 F07 GT LEAR TMS Headlight Driver Module for 7316217 7329157 7305235 7304905 7279625.

7329157 7316217 TMS module is the direct replacement for old xenon light headlight ballast.

BIX/TFL AHL module is responsible for many different functions of the headlamp, we have described some of the malfunctions to identify when the module is required to be replaced.

If Xenon Light leveling also known as vertical aim, front turn signal indicators or Angel Eyes Halo Rings have stopped to work, you will need to replace TMS 7305235, 7304905, 7329157 BIX TFL module.

These are just few simple malfunctions by which you can identify the problem, but ofcourse you might get different on-board errors as wel

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