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What is Telecom Engineer?

by Sushanthp7 months ago

Wireless, Wi-Fi, Mobile Telephony, Digital Television, Cellular Networks and many other technologies that we use and that we hear about every day are part of the daily activity in the work of a Telecom engineer.

 The telecom engineer is a branch of engineering, which solves problems of transmission and reception of signals and interconnection enabling the development of multiple services as mentioned in the previous paragraph networks.

 With its modern Electronics, Networks and Telecommunications Laboratories installed in UADE Labs, the UADE career is oriented towards the study of technologies of constant change, together with the possibility of developing engineering projects considering the economic, financial and management aspects.

 The fluid relationship with telecommunications companies allows us to present a constantly updated training proposal.

 Hire a Freelance Telecom Engineer graduated from UADE, you will be able to practice your profession in fixed and cellular telephon

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Do you know what NOC is?

by Sushanthp9 months ago

 Freelance NOC Technician Jobs


The NOC is a practice that is expanding into IT teams, optimizing the service and leveraging its results. Technically speaking, NOC (Networking Operation Center) is a place used for monitoring and managing IT events. That is, managing the communication network of a company, be it public or private, is the main responsibility of the NOC.


Therefore, all network components such as routers, gateways, telephone exchanges, ERP servers, and others are monitored in real time, enhancing data care and facilitating required maintenance. Still, have doubts? Then follow the following tips on what is NOC: you will see that the result of this practice is fantastic, and can become a great differential for your company.


The NOC as a great differential 

With the NOC it is possible to directly monitor any components, the main ones being critical resources for the operation in the company, which are usually: router, device responsible for traffic information be

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