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The numbers you should pay attention to use in China

posted by SummerZhang 16 hours ago
tags: auspicious numbers chinese numbers
Hey, do you remember our last article about unlucky Chinese numbers? As we wrote on our last article numbers and their associations are very important in China. People avoid the unlucky numbers but what about the auspicious ones? Auspicious numbers are those that have a similar sound to positive words or things we want to attain in life, like love, wealth, happiness, etc. By surrounding yourself in auspicious numbers (6, 8, and 9) you hope to create a positive energy to attract a better lifestyle. The number 6 (Liù) sounds similar to ‘溜” (Liù), and means smooth. People tied to number 6 are thought to have an easier life as everything goes smoothly. There is a Chinese experssion "六六大顺" that means everything goes well. Businesses can’t get enough of number 8 (bā) as it has a similar pronunciation to wealth and fortune, ‘发’ (fā) which when linked to another character means to make a fortune. By surrounding yourself with number 8 you can bring in more continue reading
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Unlucky numbers in Chinese culture

posted by SummerZhang 4 days ago
tags: Chinese culture

 Chinese people treat numbers seriously. In their eyes, there are numbers with good meaning and numbers with negative meanings. That's why many Chinese for kids classes emphasizes on teaching these cultural language points to children.

Bad number 2

People avoid using them on their apartments and even giving birth to babies on those dates. So you'll know how these numbers are considered as not good to Chinese people.

 Numbers are thought to be auspicious or inauspicious based on the Chinese word they sound similar to. As a result, 4 (Sì) and 7 (qī) are avoided at all costs for of their relationship with other words.

We can easily understand this: no one wants an early grave, and it’s not nice to be cheated, these are things we actively avoid, so why not avoid 4 and 7! Four is regarded as the unluckiest number in Chinese as it’s linked with death (死 sǐ). The two words have the same sound but with different tones.

 The number 7 is also considered unlucky by people in China as it has the associat

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What for Children to Do in Their Spare Time

posted by SummerZhang 5 days ago
tags: Chinese chilldren

Children in the US often have a very happy childhood with a variety of extra-curricular activities they can choose from. But how about Chinese kids? Do you know how they spend their outside-school time? As everybody knows, the competition out there is fierce.


Students complain that they have too many works.  Many parents think their kids should not play too much as this will lessen the time spent on learning. Even after school, they have to spend hours to finish homework and prepare for other extra courses. Studies show that Chinese children spend 8.6 hours averagely a day at school. Some children spend more than 12 hours a day in the classroom. The study claimed that the majority of children spend longer times at school than their parents spend at work.

Usually, children have the freedom to choose what to play when they are at home. They can hang around with friends playing games together, or do something fun alone.

 Since most parents are at work they are unable to pick up thei

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What is changing China so fast

posted by SummerZhang 6 days ago
tags: Chinese culture

You might still think Silicon Valley is the only tech-hub in the world. But don't miss China! It has become another country that owns many tech giants from Tencent to Alibaba. This is what we are going to talk about today. E learning for kids in China develops rapidly. Therefore there are many good online programs for children. But let's first take a look at how technology is changing people's life there. 

Pay with your phone for everything!

 With everything you could ever want just a fingerprint-scan away, emptying your wallet, your savings account, and your emergency fund, has never been easier. Chinese consumers don’t need to worry about the war raging between WeChat Wallet and Alipay, because whether they’re with team Green or team Blue, they’re winning – or losing, depending on how you look at it.

 What do you want to deliver today?

 Online shopping in China is easy. Step aside Amazon Prime, because Chinese people in most metropolitan areas can order daily necessities and plen

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Gifts you should avoid in China

posted by SummerZhang 7 days ago
tags: Chinese culture

This is quite important! Do you know the basic “rule” of giving gift in China? Cultural misunderstandings happen when gifting, we need to be cautious to avoid cultural misunderstandings. Online Mandarin lessons usually mention this: in China giving gifts in inauspicious numbers (4 and 7) is avoided.

There are also inauspicious gifts because of their assigned meaning, similar to inauspicious numbers. One of these gifts is a clock. This is because to ‘give a clock’ sounds just like ‘to bury’, you are wishing death to that person. Maybe not the greatest idea for a gift after all.

Green hats have a double meaning of cheating, giving someone a green hat means they have been cheated on. Other gifts to avoid include sharp objects (like knives and scissors), shoes, and green hats. Sharp objects portray the intention that you want to sever that relationship and shoes that you will walk away.

 But no worries, there are plenty of good gifts with auspicious meanings to fall back on: fruit tends

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Do you know what people wore in ancient China

posted by SummerZhang 8 days ago
tags: Chinese culture

Learning culture is a very important part of Mandarin Chinese learning  China has a rich historical history, with each new Imperial era a new fashion trend building up on the existent was founded.

Arising under the Manchu rule during the Qing dynasty it was quite common for men to wear a Changshan (长衫). The Changshan is a type of long jacket or robe. Although popularity for this fashion dropped during the cultural revolution, even now you can still find some men wearing it as part of their daily wardrobe.

Your clothes could show your status, but to make it simpler if we think about traditional clothes, we can split it into two categories, men’s and women’s fashion.

China has many minorities, each of them have their own rich fashion, unfortunately we don’t have time to mention them all, but bellow is a picture of traditional Uyghur clothes.

For the most part traditional clothes are now reserved for special occasions, like weddings, meetings, events, etc. But some fashion artists h

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Happy holidays VIPKID teachers

posted by SummerZhang 10 days ago

Want to know the easiest way for kids to learn Chinese. Read more children education articles here!

It goes by many names, Guanggun jie (光棍节 bare stick holiday), singles day, double 11 (or 11.11), or as I like to call it “shopping EXTRAVAGANZA day’, and although I may be happy about this holiday… my wallet sure isn’t.

The holiday falls on the 11th of November because the number 1 resembles an individual that is alone.

The holiday is thought to have originated in Nanjing Universities as a bachelors’ celebration mixed with matchmaking events in the hopes of shedding the single life.

What started out as a day to celebrate and be proud of (and sulk over) your single status has now been turned into a crazy shopping spree, most of it done online. Weeks before11.11 shopping malls will already have advertisements out to attract shoppers.

Only on Tmall, $25.5 billion was spent on yesterday in China! And there are other online shopping platforms like JD, Suning, Kaola...The final volume is

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Geographic China

posted by SummerZhang 12 days ago
tags: Chinese culture

Want to help your kids to learn Chinese? First, let's learn some interesting facts about this country!

The country is generally divided into two areas: the South and the North. A geographical line formed by Qinling Mountain and Huai River is usually seen as the boundary of these two large areas. The climate, landscape, as well as people’s lifestyle varies a lot between the North and the South. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that inside each area there is a great similarity.

The concept of the province is similar to “state” in the US and “county” in the UK. That’s part of the reason why there are 34 administrative divisions, including 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, four municipalities directly under the central government, and two special administrative regions.  Among the 34 divisions, there are world-renown cities like Beijing, Shanghai (both of which are super metropolis), Xi’an and Henan (famous for their rich cultural heritage). Others are known for their natural l

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The Chinese Snacks You are Going to love

posted by SummerZhang 14 days ago
tags: Chinese culture

As you might have noticed, if there’s one thing I love, it’s Chinese food. Even now when I go home on holiday from China my stomach craves the mouthwatering Chinese food I’ve left behind. It was hard to just pick three, but here are my favorites that can be found easily everywhere. This can help you understand Chinese food better before you take online Chinese classes.

Chinese crepes (煎饼, jiān bǐng )Chinese egg crepes

It’s the perfect mix of the right textures and taste, crunchy yet soft, spicy with a slightly sweet and sour taste… I’m hungry just thinking about it! Perhaps not the healthiest of breakfasts, but I’ll be happy to admit I often start my day by picking one of these up from the street corner alongside a cup of soya milk. Imagine a huge crepe topped with an egg, sesame seeds, which then has spice and bean paste spread on the inside, finishing with some Chinese onion, a crusty fried dough sheet, and lettuce. 

Roast cold noodles (烤冷面, kǎo lěng miàn)

A famous Northern snack that can actually

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Chinese listening practice for beginners

posted by SummerZhang 16 days ago
tags: beginner Chinese listening

If you want to listen a lot, you should try to find the sweet spot in that spectrum that allows you to live your life and still listen to as much Chinese as you can! If listening practice proves too demanding and stops you from performing your other tasks (biking, shopping, cleaning), move further towards the passive end of the spectrum. If you feel that you’re doing just fine, do the opposite and strive to listen as actively as you can.

Teaching Chinese in online education platform Lingo Bus is memorable. Welcome to join this passionate team!

Naturally, the more you process the audio you hear, the more you learn. Background listening is useful, but it’s not as useful as deliberate listening practice. However, the latter is very demanding and no-one can do that for more than short periods of time, so it’s unrealistic to do that all the time. Just move as close to the active part of the spectrum as you feel comfortable with, without losing sight of the primary goal: listen as much as

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