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What is an AMC for storages?

Storages are any computing hardware that are used for storing, porting and extracting data files. They can hold temporary and permanent information.Storages can be internal or external to a computer, server or any similar computing device.

Routine maintenances are essential to extend the life of storage hardware, and improve performance.

Why do you need an annual maintenance contract for storage?

Your organization’s needs are changing frequently. As your organization expands, so does the need for storage capacity for your information. An AMC for storage will ensure that the existing data center is able to handle current workloads without a threat of a system crash out.

 Why go for an AMC for storage -

  • Increased longevity for your hardware: A annual maintenance contract will ensure optimal loads for your current infrastructure. It will Increase lifespans for the storage devices and ensure the viability of data without data loss
  • Emergency Services -In case of a device crash, with
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Why an Annual maintenance contract for a server will provide you peace of mind-

A server is a dedicated computer program that provides functionality for other computer programs. Servers can provide multiple functionalities- networking, application host, communication environment, computing resources to name a few.

AMC server 

 A server is critical for keeping your computing environment up-and-running all the time. Hence,  annual maintenanace contract is crucial for your business. In order to have a computing environment in the optimal condition, there needs to be regular server maintenance updates, installation of (patches) and diagnostics to monitor irregular or unexpected volatilities/ errors. 

The older a server gets, the greater the chance of its failure. An annual maintenance contract/ IT AMC provides you routine server maintenanace keeps up the server productivity, which in turn keeps up the organization’s productivity.

 What are the components of an annual maintenance contract plan for a server?

 Regular Data Backup-

Imagine losing your critical data without an

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How can a maintenance contract be beneficial to you

The 21st Century is the information age and every industry relies on technology to manage the information that they generate. This means that the underlying IT infrastructure has to be extremely robust to enable your organization’s growth. A poor IT infrastructure can in fact, become such a burden that the mental hassle may impede you from reaching your organization’s desired mission.


So what is an annual maintenance contract for IT services?


It is a signed agreement between two parties wherein one party agrees to maintain IT assets owned by another. Annual Maintenance contract for IT services (or IT/ITes AMC) can include AMC for servers, AMC for storage and AMC for network, AMC for laptops, AMC for desktops.

Laptops and desktops are computing systems. In today’s World, organizational needs are necessary for these, as nearly all the transactions between two parties are in digital format enabled by laptops and desktops computers. AMC for laptops and desktops include comprehensi

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