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How To Restore The Shine Of Your Gold Jewellery

Buying gold jewellery is a very important factor and taking care of it is really a whole new ball game. How will you think your grandmother has stored that heavy gold set for decades to pass to the next generation? Ever wondered how an age-old gold still shines and looks as clear as each day? Use some of the following solutions and be described as a home-trained goldsmith.

1. Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water. Soak your gold jewellery in this mixture for few minutes. Take a cotton ball and wipe the jewellery gently. Be sure you cover all of the nooks of the ornament. An option to cotton balls is really a soft cotton cloth.

2. Ammonia is a good jewellery cleaner if used in proportion. Add ammonia to water in the ratio of 1:6 i.e. one part of ammonia and six parts of water. Soak your gold jewellery for not higher than a minute and eliminate it from the liquid mixture. Put it in a strainer and hold it under running tap water for few seconds. Later, keep th

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What You Should Consider While Buying Gold

Gold is purity. Gold is royalty. Gold is a mesmerizing beauty. Gold Coins, vessels and ornaments were an integral part of many kingdoms. Even though times have changed manifold, the value of gold has only increased. Considering it is the only metal which can be liquidated anywhere in the world, extra caution is always suggested while purchasing it.

We propose to have a quick glance at the following gold buying tips which will help you make a better purchase. 

  1. Certification and Hallmark:

Always, always look for BIS Standard Mark, a triangular shaped stamp by Bureau of Indian Standards. This certification means that the gold is regulated under government law and is not obtained by any unethical way. 

2. Purity:

The purity of gold is measured in carats or K/kt and 24K is assumed to be the purest form of gold. When less than 24K, gold is mixed with other metals like silver, zinc, copper etc., especially while making gold jewellery, as pure gold is soft. While buying gold jewel

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Step By Step Guide To Pick An Engagement Ring For Women

Selecting engagement rings isn't an item of cake. There will be a lot of way of thinking associated with questions like, which rings to purchase and from where to get it, what design to decide on, is a diamond a lot better than gold, etc. playing on your own mind. Follow the rule book and find very good engagement rings for women.

1. Begin The Search Early

The method of purchasing engagement rings can carry on for months or you may find the appropriate one in a day. 

2. Know What You Want

Do you'll need rings with a massive diamond about it or do you intend to match the platinum bands along with your partner? You may have some references in your head or some rings you may have seen at your friend's wedding. Start collating the images in your head and add your muses don't restrict you while drawing a blueprint of the rings. You are able to always alter it here and there before taking the last call.

3. Set A Budget

Irrespective of who says what, it always boils right down to simp

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How To Measure Your Ring Size

Need to purchase a ring (i.e diamond rings or gold rings ) but don't know her size? Shopping online and understanding the complex sizing charts? Don't worry we've got your back and your fingers! Although it could be daunting, there are certainly a few simple ways you can start checking your ring size.

1. Get Sized at your jeweller: Yes, that is basic and simple, and also obvious, but probably the most accurate way to really get your ring size will be throughout your trusted jeweller.

2. Tapered Candle: If you're buying a ring as a surprise, take a current ring and slide it down a tapered candle. Assess the candle's circumference where in fact the ring stops sliding.

3. Cold fingers: Don't measure cold fingers, as that's once the fingers would be the smallest. The proper time and energy to measure your fingers will be by the end of the afternoon when they're the biggest.

4. Try this sizing chart: Cut a slim little bit of paper and wrap it around your finger. Then measure this piec

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Picking Earrings Based On Your Face Structure

When you're browsing and searching for earrings online, the question to first always cross your brain is, which earrings will suit me? See your face could possibly be oval, round, long, triangular or chubby and the choices are hundreds. In case you select hoops, danglers, studs, tops, jhumkis?! It's rather confusing! So here are helpful tips for picking your perfect earrings design, that'll suit see your face is probably the most flattering way!

Utilize this guide to assist you to select exactly which earrings will fit see your face perfectly! Shop each of these styles exclusively on Rockrush.com.

Source - https://www.rockrush.com/blog/picking-earrings-based-on-your-face-structure/

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