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The Ghost Restaurant Model: A Paradigm Shift in Food Delivery Business

Have you harbored a dream of starting your restaurant? If yes then you would probably have all the plans in place and a host of ideas for making the business work.

However, the excessive investments involved have ensured that your intentions are yet to be put into action, haven’t they? We can hear a collective sigh in answer to this question, and most heads were nodding despondently in the affirmative. After all, dishing out the rent for the dining hall, purchasing expensive crockery and cutlery, spending a fortune on the decor, managing the salaries of a large staff; they all combine to take a massive financial toll on you. Most restaurateurs struggle to set their dream into motion. Of the ones that do, 26% fail in their very first year; primarily due to unmanageable expenses. The number would more than double itself if you extend the period to 5 years.

A decade or two ago, this statement would have sounded delusional. Today, the existence of the ghost restaurant model provides a ta

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EHR App Stores: Accelerating Innovation in Mobile EHR Space

by RiteshPatil4 months ago

Technological advancements in healthcare mean a longer and healthier life for us all. It is clear that EHR apps are catching public attention and becoming more mainstream now. Mobile EHR on iOS and Android devices are the fastest growing areas in the EHR market and such apps have also proven to be effective in improving practice efficiency. This makes evident the need for pick-and-choose app store solutions for healthcare providers and their patients.

What is an EHR App Store/Marketplace?

The first iPhone was released in 2007, paving the way for the smartphone revolution. The meteoric rise of iOS and Android operating systems can be attributed mostly to the way they promoted the innovative development and delivery of integrated applications. While on the front end the mobile phone users can choose specific apps to meet their needs, on the back end these apps are granted limited access to the system’s resources and data. This allows the users to enjoy the apps while device security is

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Uber’s Business Model Explained: From Start to Finish

by RiteshPatil4 months ago

What Is Uber’s Business Model? How Uber Works? How Does Uber Make Money? What Is Uber’s Business Strategy? Why Is Uber so Successful?

These are some of the major questions any budding entrepreneur in the on-demand startup space would be curious about, before working on his/her own “Uber for X” business model.

And, rightly so.

Uber’s business model has turned out to be so successful and popular that it has fuelled a new startup economy, the “on-demand economy”.

Having a deeper understanding of Uber’s on-demand business model can play a pivotal role in modeling your own on-demand startup business idea.

As a leading on-demand startup technology development partner, we want to share this knowledge with you through this comprehensive blog post.

Uber’s Business Model – How Uber Works?

Uber is no longer just the on-demand cab hailing service we used to know. It has dipped its toes into other territories as well – from Uber Eats (on-demand food delivery) to Uber Freight (on-demand truck

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How Can APIs Bring Digital Healthcare Transformation?

aking up to an early alarm, counting steps on your Fitbit, prepping meals, drawing workout plans through the week; we are hooked to keeping ourselves fit and will go to great lengths to achieve the same. There is no denying the fact that application programming interface or API is the secret recipe behind the curtains.

Right from reminding us to keep hydrated, to delivering medicines at our doorsteps, counting calories before we even eat the cake and managing doctor’s appointments; health connectivity is now a global phenomenon helping people lead fuller lives every day.

In recent years, the global healthcare industry has seen radical changes, right from finding cures to previously incurable conditions, to finding better means for streamlining modes of treatment. Science and technology have worked together to create a better doctor-patient experience and healthcare APIs play a key role in it.

What Is Healthcare API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface enables unrelated

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Drone Delivery Services: The Future of Transportation & Logistics?

by RiteshPatil4 months ago

he mass adoption of the internet and the rise of an on-demand economy has increased the need for fast and affordable delivery services. We need things delivered to our doorstep whether it is online shopping, booking tickets, buying food, getting parcels or ordering groceries. Companies are investing heavily in innovation and technology to make the last mile delivery more efficient and cost-effective.

Technological advances have made it possible for drones to be an alternative for traditional delivery services. It can work without human intervention, cut down costs, and deliver products in a matter of hours.

Today we will explore the future of drones and logistics finding out how they can be used for every day delivery.

How Do Drones Help?

Drone is a small aircraft which can be flown without the need of a human pilot. Generally, drones have several fans similar to helicopters which enable it to fly. Drones can carry small objects and items such as cameras which can collect visual in

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A Complete Guidance Of Software Development For The Startups

by RiteshPatil1 year ago

Programming new industries are recently made organizations with no working history and quick in creating forefront advances. These organizations create programming under profoundly indeterminate conditions, handling quickly developing markets under the extreme absence of assets. Consequently, programming new industries show an interesting mix of qualities which represent a few difficulties to programming advancement exercises.


This investigation plans to structure and break down the writing on startup product development in new industries, deciding along these lines the potential for technology exchange and recognizing programming advancement work rehearses detailed by experts and analysts.


We directed a deliberate mapping study, building up a characterization diagram, positioning the chose essential examinations concurring their thoroughness and significance, and breaking down announced programming development work hones in new industries.


A sum

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The Future of Android App Development

Nowadays, around 1 billion people are using android in the world. Android was first launched in the year 2005. The Android mobile operating system is currently developed by the Google. Mainly the Android is open source. It can be installed on devices of various types. Android development company is also becoming a big challenge for the mobile app development companies in Florida, New York and all over the world as the mobile operating systems especially the Android has been continually evolving. If we just look towards iOS, the iPhone app development companies in Florida and other American cities are also facing the same kind of challenges.  

Android developers need to keep in mind when developing the Android app, the app should be compatible with all latest devices. Nowadays in the mobile market, there are different models are introduced, it is obvious that some devices are outdated. So when developing apps for those devices, it is riskier to the developers, so that the developers ne

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Multiple Advantages of Software Development Offshoring

The IT sector has been growing at a phenomenal rate. The increasing growth in this sector has introduced a new type of activity called offshore custom software engineering. This sector has helped to start offshore development in other countries. Countries like India and China have become the forerunners of such globally sustainable and feasible business practices. On the other end, this process has been helpful to hire external organizations that offer offshore developers at reasonable costs.

The countries that perform business functions have a set of organizations to facilitate maintenance of software, development of software, project management. This activity is similar to traditional engineering with technological expertise that is required to perform business functions.

The profession deals with the problems like meeting cost and reliability demands while functioning in a country other than the customer’s country.

Here are a few benefits of offshoring software development:


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Essential Points To Consider While Partnering With an Offshore Development Company

Software development offshoring accompanies different advantages, essential among them is quicker time to showcase, bring down expenses, and access to exceptionally talented offshore developers. More software organizations nowadays are going for offshoring, in light of the fact that it gives them the favorable position to employ quality software ability with no problem and more opportunity to center around center skills. Since software development is a people and learning the driven business, the way toward setting up and working a conveyed development group includes adjusting individuals, their insight and the general business aspiration of the organization. 

With software development offshoring turning into a multi-billion dollar business it is essential for them to receive the most extreme advantage in return and that is conceivable by picking the privilege offshoring partner. Much the same as there are various attempted and tried procedures for software development, there is a ple

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Which Is the Right Option: Onshore or Offshore?

Outsourcing programming development is a colossal pattern. The sheer interest in programming development administrations of numerous sorts prompted a blast of specialist co-ops around the globe in the previous 20 years. While outsourcing to India – with its English talking populace, vast quantities of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduates, and low work costs – is the place the pattern initially grabbed hold, it has spread to China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America too. On the off chance that you are essentially taking a gander at work costs as far as examining your development costs, nearly anything outside the US will be more affordable – that is guaranteed. In any case, what are the dangers and traps of going offshore? Are there concealed costs that are not effortlessly observed?

I have individual experience in the course of recent years withoffshore development, both great and not very great. I've encountered it from inside extensive companies like

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