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Small Developers the Biggest Beneficiaries in NHAI’s Contract Awarding Spree

The National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) recording breaking financial year of 2017-18 saw them award almost half of all road construction projects to the small developers, according to the compiled NHAI data report by investment bank Equirus Securities. The biggest contract winners were large scale companies such as IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd (Rs 8,900 crore), Dilip Buildcon Ltd (Rs 18,770 crore) and Ashoka Buildcon Ltd (Rs 5,500 crore). However, various other small developers including JKumar Infraprojects Ltd, Gammon India Ltd, Madhucon Projects Ltd and ample other joint ventures by PNC Infratech Ltd and Monte Carlo Ltd swept up 48% from the entire bidding in the financial year.

According to the report by Equirus Securities, contracts under Rs 200 crore had participation from 10-15 bidders while projects over Rs 200 crore saw the numbers fall to 60-10. Apart from bestowing contracts to small organisations, the government also introduced the hybrid annuity model (HAM)

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NHAI to Enter the Realty Frame to Fund Bharatmala Project

The National Highways Authority of India is set to foray into real estate development to fund the highway projects in the current financial year and the ambitious Bharatmala Project. The estimated cost of highway construction is Rs 1.5 trillion and the overall expenditure for the Bharatmala project will exceed Rs 5.9 trillion. Bharatmala Pariyojana is a centrally-funded roads and highways project of the Government of India.

Up until now, only private developers were reaping benefits of this price escalation that resulted from the construction projects initiated by the National Highways Authority of India. The nodal agency of the Government of India will enquire state governments for acquiring land parcels along with project land, and then decide if they have to develop it on its own or auction to raise funds for the Bharatmala Project.

 It is also being said that a consultancy firm has been hired to evaluate the idea from all parameters and design a white paper on this under value pu

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NHAI to Introduce Smart Cameras for Traffic Surveillance on Highways

For the residents of the world’s urban centers, traffic congestion is nearly a ubiquitous challenge. The primary forms of transportation for the urban residents continue to rise, as the great migration to cities continues across the globe and the prevalence of the automobile. Traffic congestion will only increase in severity. The results are compelling. Traffic congestion has become a soaring problem in many cities across the country.

Most would agree that traffic congestion is a problem for our cities. What’s far less certain is how severe the problem is, what solutions are most effective in ameliorating the problem, and how the nature of the problem differs across communities, the absence of a standardised way to measure traffic congestion and the effectiveness of various policy solutions is one reason for the lack of clarity about how this traffic congestion arises. India’s largest municipalities have independently developed their own definitions of traffic congestion, and also ind

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NHAI to Adopt Video-Based Surveillance System at Toll Plazas

The national highways of India have been acting as great facilitators for trade and other purposes. Comparatively, they are less in length with other roadways. But, they support a good amount of trade. Traders rely on national highways as they support the economic integration of India. Statistics reveal that around 40% of all the trade, which happens within the geographical contours of India, is carried by the national highway network. Such is the scale of the trade the national highways facilitate. On the other side, this phenomenon resulted in an increase of vehicular traffic and congestion on national highways. So, the Government of India (GoI) has been time and again introducing different and diverse measures to cope with this cropping up problem. The recent one among the congestion-curbing measures is the introduction of the Video-based surveillance system, which could monitor and report traffic patterns at Toll plazas thereby helping NHAI in its efforts to reduce congestion at To

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Smarter Traffic Monitoring with Intelligent Cameras

In the current world, we require a smart traffic control system to manage traffic effectively where vehicles are increasing rapidly. The foremost constraint of all is time. Security and authenticity of the vehicle are also important. On average, a vehicle waits for 10 minutes at a toll booth due to the queue for the toll collection. National Authority of India proposes different solutions to optimize the issue and to ease the traffic at the toll booth.

Already National Highway Authority of India has introduced the electronic toll collection system, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader at the toll booth reads the RFID tag in the car as every car having a unique RFID number. The RFID number gives the information of the vehicle number and FASTag of the owner. The toll amount is automatically deducted from the bank account which is linked to the FASTag already. Thus basically the vehicles not have to stop at the toll booth and move to a lane with the least traffic which result

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Surveillance Cameras for Smart Traffic Control at Toll Plazas

The sharp rise in the number of vehicles in India is causing heavy traffic jams and grid locks on National Highways. Congestion on highways has been the lead cause of numerous accidents and has been claiming several casualties over the decades. To add to commuter’s woes, the manual method of toll collection is cumbersome and in turn causes congestion at Toll plazas.

So as of now, the main aim of the National Highways Authority of India has been to reduce traffic jams on highways through vehicle diversion and automatic toll collection. NHAI’s new smart traffic control includes image processing for traffic diversion, programmable logic for data handling and uses of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for automatic toll collection.  But the major concern of the NHAI is the safety of the highway commuters.

With an aim to provide safety to highway commuters in the real-time scenarios, NHAI will install video surveillance systems at all major Toll Plazas for real-time mapping of the

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