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Cheap VPS Hosting Provider in India- KakInfotech

VPS represents Virtual Private Server. In effect, everyone acts simply as a dedicated server; you get all the features of a dedicated server however at a lower cost. Each VPS has its very own operating system, and each can be rebooted separately. These operating systems each get a specific share of the resources of the physical server, no more and no less, they are isolated from each other so one cannot interfere with another. It's possible to get hosted on a VPS requiring low price and still get untouchable features from your provider. On a VPS hosting, your website has its very own server that shares computer space with other servers. Clients pay for as much space as they require, so there are few limitations in terms of system resources. Kakinfotech is very popular in India, especially among the specialized and website design and development network. The majority of them want to work with kakinfotech because of the immediate quality 24*7 technical support we offer.

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VPS Hosting starts from $7.99 per month

VPS hosting is one of the important hosting nowadays when you want freedom from your bandwidth and traffic. Most important shared hosting has many limitations for any working technologies like if you need to install certain modules, you have to upgrade to VPS or dedicated server but in shared hosting no custom modules can be installed. In shared hosting, there are certain restrictions of process time and bandwidth parameters. VPS gives you the power of dedicated server at a lower cost with almost all the functionalities of dedicated server with some bandwidth where you do not need to share with other people.

Nowadays, demand for getting more bandwidth is getting increased as internet area has crossed many boundaries and data packets are utilized day by day in a great way. We are looking for the fastest way to reach those contents. In order to reach those contents, you need a good speed, so, VPS is the best way to reach such people at a great speed. VPS is always having root control to

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Best Email Marketing Starts at $90 for 1 Lac Mails

Email Marketing is an important tool to grow your business. Always all the people are looking to promote the business, but promoting a business with a lower cost makes sense. There are 2 methods of marketing i.e. known as Pull and Push. Pull method is something where customer is pulling the searches to look for your business like Search engine Marketing or SEO. This method is also known as Organic Method of online advertising. Next, is push method? This method is used to send the information to the all customers where your customers may be or not be interested in your product and services. But you are paying for both the cases unlike pull method where you are paying only for customers who are interested in your products and services.

Email Marketing business is somewhat working on push method. You have a database of emails. Now you need to send mailers to the all the emails in a database. In the category, we have 2 different form of Email Marketing. One is known as Promotional and ano

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Unmanaged VPS starting at $7.99 per month

Virtual Private Server is one of the best servers if you are looking for dedicated server functionality at a lesser price. VPS goes economical once you go for a unmanaged plan. In unmanaged plan you root login details where you can manage your server. Unlike the managed VPS, your do not bear pain of managing server optimization, server security. All such procedures are taken care by our technician. Unmanaged VPS are for those people who have sound knowledge of technical details of Linux. Once you have the technical knowledge you can manage any operating system and other details for testing or running a hosting server for your customers.

In such cases VPS is one of the best suited needs for any business. As in sharing you cannot change or customize the variables. Even there is always a limited traffic coming to the shared hosting. So, once you need an environment with more power of CPU, RAM and further customization of variable or some custom modules. You need to go for a VPS to match

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