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I Can’t Do It! | Lightbulb Learning Childcare

How can we can help them without doing that?

We can:

  • encourage our child to feel good about what they can do (not what they can’t)
  • ask them to “give it three tries” before we help
  • add an element of fun or play
  • make it easy to succeed (if the shoes keep going on the wrong foot, put a dot on the inside of each shoe so they can match it)
  • give choices rather than directions (“Would you like to put away your books or your toys?”)

We really mustn’t:

  • criticise, judge or ‘correct’ their efforts (children at this age really do want to please us and if we always rework their attempts they have every right to give up!)

We have to be willing to let our child make mistakes as they learn their independence.

And, if we still get a lot of resistance we may need to take a step back. Our child may need some more one-on-one time with us until their natural desire to be independent takes over again.

Lightbulb Learning Childcare is a brand new  affordable daycare near Mt Wellington off

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Supporting Scissor Skills | Lightbulb Learning Childcare

When your child is ready, introduce the scissors.

  • Position their wrist so that the thumb is turned upward, the thumb joint resting inside the thumb loop.
  • Make sure the tip of the middle finger is inside the opposite loop. Some scissors have enough space for both the middle and ring fingers to be positioned inside this loop – most children seem to prefer this when learning.
  • Place the index finger outside the loop, in front of the middle finger serving as a guide.
  • Many children need help positioning their wrist correctly in the ‘thumbs up’ position. A helpful strategy is to hold the paper above eye level or tape it to the wall so that the child is cutting upwards – this automatically positions their wrist correctly. (Another tip is to  draw something on the thumbnail of their cutting hand, and remind your child that they should always be able to see it while they’re cutting.)

Provide lots of safe items to cut (cutting playdough sausages is nice and easy and it doesn’t matter whe

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