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How to Dress up from looking drab to Fab

The intricacies of dressing smart & sharp for different occasions can turn out to be confusing & boring. Donning suits from your wardrobe day after day becomes repetitive & hence leads to monotony.

Therefore, made to measure clothes online has brought you the tips & tricks to perk up your suits without lightening your wallets. You can spruce up your look with ostentatious vogue & glamour of accessories that offer color, vibrancy & playfulness to your custom made jackets or blazer.

Well-tailored made to measure suits when accompanied with correct accessories can help you steal the show & create an exquisite presence, irrespective of the occasion.

How to Don a Wedding Suit in an Elegant Way

The wedding is often defined as “the happiest day”, ”the biggest day”, “the most important day” in one’s life. We suggest the wedding day should also be “the best-dressed day”.

Choosing appropriate wedding attire can be hard to get right, thus we have summarized some tips on dressing apt on that

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Custom Tailoring: A Gentleman’s Secret Weapon to Sharp Dressing

Are you looking forward to give some serious consideration to your style for 2019?

If yes, you may have de-cluttered your wardrobe, separated your favorite pieces, gauged their life-span & know the gaps that you need to fill.

So what’s the next step? Will you sail in the same old direction or are you going to evolve?

The famous saying by Usher goes like this- “if you don’t evolve, you dissolve”. Can same be implemented for your style? Can your style dissolve?

Maybe not, however your style can become trivial or monotonous. Your presentation & appearance inevitably acts as a window through which the people look at you. Jazz up your style, evolve & invigorate your wardrobe with unmatchable touch of alluring custom made sports jackets & clothes.

Custom Tailoring:

Custom made clothes are an important element of a gentleman’s fashion & style who desires to stand out of the crowd. Custom Tailoring prioritize comfort, aesthetic & elegance and uses techniques that can personalize a garme

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Parade your masculine look with Custom made tuxedo

Conceived in the sartorial revolution of the early 19th century, custom made blazers & suits have since become a fashion staple! Suits when donned right with quintessential fit, oozes class & mask all imparities.

Should I rent or Buy a Tuxedo?

This is the classic debate for any occasion. It comes as no surprise that most people prefer renting a tuxedo. Renting is typically the budget friendly option for a big ticket item like a tuxedo. Moreover, these are often deemed to be special occasion attire. Hence shelling out money for intermittently worn attire is reckoned as unlucrative.

However, renting a tuxedo is the biggest mistake a man can do. This is the kiss of death. Rental tuxedos have a deservedly bad reputation. They are often derided as frumpy, ill-fitting, dated & sometimes even frayed or stained.

No amount of styling or grooming can save an ill-fitted suit. Achieving a desired look is impossible by stepping in an inferior quality tux. And if you are reluctant to put money o

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Embellish your looks with the Humble yet Elegant Pocket Squares

Often men ponder too much in picking out a right suit or ordering made to measure clothes online that they overlook the importance of additional accessories. They don’t realize the fact that the complete formal look doesn’t just end with the purchase of a designer suit.

Perfectly accessorizing head to toe is of utmost importance if you aspire to not just stand out, but be remembered. Irrespective of how amazing your suit looks, paying attention to the smallest details makes a world of a difference.

Forgetting to accessorize properly is like eating dinner without getting a dessert.

If custom made jackets or suits are the eldest siblings in the garment family, pocket squares are the younger children that have emerged as the perfect fashion accessory for the well heeled man.

A pocket square can break or make an outfit.

The concept of pocket square may appear a little weird.

It’s not peculiar to wonder how a functionally useless piece of fabric nested inside your pocket could be deem

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Bring Your Panache to the Fore with Custom Made Clothes

In the contemporary world, people are conventional to ready-made clothes for honest reasons, simplicity & price! The custom-made clothes usually rhymes with high prices & delay in the making of the garment. And as soon as people hear custom-made, terms like expensive, unnecessary, only for fashionistas & colossal egos begin to resound in their minds.

In spite of these factors, men now-a-days are moving towards tailor-made clothes reason being customized clothes uses techniques that can personalize the garment to the smallest details. It showcases a person’s charisma, takes a person a step ahead of other well-dressed men & yes, it can last for years.

In case you are longing to get a custom-made garment for yourself, Bespoke Custom-made clothes online is the ultimate solution. 

Here are some of the key-features of custom-made clothes that will leave you spell-bind to lighten your wallets on a custom made blazer from made to measure Dubai:

  1. The Recognizable Perfect Fit: You might ha
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Best Made to Measure Clothes online for you!

Redefine your style by wearing custom made sports jackets, Custom made blazer,custom made jackets,bespoke suit available online.

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Bespoken Suits: A Man’s Guide to Dressing Sharp

Take the time and effort to look your best and you will start on good footing!   You probably hanker for admiration & recognition; expect to be received delightfully in restaurants and parties, make a first good impression with your business partners and colleagues. Dressing sharp with made to measure clothes online enables you achieve all this.   It is often said, ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its cover’! On the contrary, a book with a fantastic cover is likely to not only get the desired attention but also the appreciation it may deserve. One’s appearance invariably acts as a window through which the world looks at them.   So, if clothes make such an impact, don’ restrict from nailing it!   Men’s Winter Fashion   When it is cold outside, how do you expect to play your outwear game? Got it covered with custom made jackets, Blazer or Overcoats? When the mercury has nose-dived & the branches are bare, sharpen your elbows with a perfect fit. Just grab bes continue reading →
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