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How much does it cost to maintain a Facebook account?

How much does it cost to maintain a Facebook account?

It depends on what the company wants to achieve. Creating an account and having one on Facebook is free of charge. You can let someone else run your account without experience, and this person will take care of throwing in random content that does not affect your company's indicators. You can also commission a larger corporation, which is focused on servicing a large number of customers, without taking too much care of the results.

When it comes to running a Facebook account for marketing and business benefits, this should be seen as a kind of investment, as well as an investment in promotion through flyers, display ads or banners.However, the difference between them and the Facebook account is important.

These promotion methods are becoming less and less effective and their costs are significant, given that they reach a random group of people who are not always interested in the company's products.Keeping a Facebook account allows you to reach people potentially interested in the

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What is whispered marketing?

What is whispered marketing?

According to the research, consumers no longer believe in the messages presented to them in advertisements - the Internet, forums and services are for them a source of knowledge and suggestions for making purchasing decisions. 

Whisper marketing is about giving users a reason to discuss a given brand, product or service. Users present their views, evaluate the product, point out errors and problems associated with its use, and at the same time express their opinions about its advantages. The moderator, an employee of whispered marketing, has the task of initiating a discussion and then supervising it, bringing it to the right track in order to achieve the desired goal.   The activities of whispered marketing services are carried out mainly on forums, discussion groups and social networking sites. On each of them there are profiles, the aim of which is to arouse trust among other Internet users and persuade them to buy products, which are being discussed.

The whispered marketing se

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Most common errors in Google Ads

by Julius786 days ago

Most common errors in Google AdsSmall entrepreneurs often think that the Google Ads web advertising system is easy to use. This is partly true. Setting up ads is intuitive and there is no shortage of professional tutorials on the Internet. The point is that it's not only about whether you run a campaign, but also about how you do it.That's why below I'll agree on the most common errors that occur at the stage of planning and then running an Ads campaign.

Lack of reflection on the purpose of the campaign. Before we start creating ads, we should think about the actual benefits we want to get from Google Ads. The most common goal is to sell products or services. In this case it is best to focus on text links. However, we may as well take the goal of building brand recognition of our company using banner advertising or changing customers "from a shortage" to regular customers. In this case we should invest in remarketing. There is also a separate tool for online shops.

There is a problem with defining your strengths. E

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How to write content for the Internet?

by Julius788 days ago

How to write content for the Internet?

One of the basic differences between the text on a piece of paper or a book and what we see every day on our monitors is formatting. A proficient copywriter and editor of an online newspaper is aware of these differences, which is why it is a priority to make sure that the text looks as good as possible. This is of great importance - the internet reader not only does not read the text, but only "flows" through it with his or her eyes. Appropriate arrangement of the material, division, will allow him to find the information that interests him, and thus - will allow him to stay on our website for longer!

Let's also remember about research on eye-tracking: the way the reader scans online content with his or her eyes is very different from reading classical books.

Transparency of text is also a common trick used by webwriters. They know that in order to deceive the reader, they have to edit the text so that it does not feel tired of reading. To achieve this, they divide the text into s

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How to be recognizable in e-mail marketing?

by Julius7810 days ago

How to be recognizable in e-mail marketing?Do you prefer to be a commonly recognized person or sit in the shadow of other shiny "stars"? You want people to ask you a question: "Who are you actually?and one more question....Do you want to be recognized and valued by your readers or simply be another person sending them e-mails?

I mean a field from whom.

If you sign in each message in a different way - once you will be a shop, once you are yourself, once your employee, and another time just an e-mail address nobody will remember you, and your messages will be poorly effective. I have good advice for you. Create a new mailing list once you define your field from whom and never change it. Of course, it's a good idea to have different fields for different mailing lists from whom, but try not to change it within one list.Make sure that subscribers remember you and that with one look at the value in the field from whom they knew that there is valuable content inside the message.

Become in their eyes a brand serving good information

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How to choose a company to create a website?

How to choose a company to create a website?Every day many business owners and private individuals decide to create their own website. Most of them face the same problem - how to find the right company to perform this service? The topic is much more complex than it might seem.

First of all, we need to decide what we expect. Whether it's a simple website or a complicated portal. We must also bear in mind that the old rule says - it can't be good cheap. Therefore, if we care about quality, we have to take into account quite high costs. On average, you have to pay from a few to several thousand zlotys for the basic company website.The second option is cheap. Are we sure that we are determined in such a case on our Internet project? If it will be made amateur and unprofessional, we can achieve the opposite effect. The user/customer will think that our services are of equal quality as the presented website and will look for another company/website. There are companies that offer cheaply for relatively reasonable quality, but there a

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Why do you need Google Analytics?

by Julius7813 days ago

Why do you need Google Analytics?Lack of buyers and poor sales results are the main ailment of online store owners. The money invested in marketing pays for itself very slowly and it is difficult to say why nobody wants to order anything from us. How to solve the problem of lack of orders?

Marketing is not everything. High positions in the search engine or perfectly planned Ads campaigns will be of no use to us, if our shop is simply not attractive. We need to know how our customers move around our store and at what moment they resign from buying, how much time it takes them to make a decision.If we want to understand the complexities and limitations of Google Analytics we need to know the technical aspects of this tool. This knowledge is also necessary if we are going to use advanced code implementations.

So how does Google Analytics work "from the kitchen"?

Data collection is based on cookies and the Google tracking code that manages them. A tracking code is a piece of code written in the JavaScript language. It

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Running a FanPage on Facebook

by Julius7815 days ago

Running a FanPage on Facebook

Today there is a lot of pressure to transfer every activity to social media as well. If you don't have a Facebook account, you feel you need to change it. However, running a FanPage is not always a necessary activity.

Assume or not?There is no rule that would help in choosing the right marketing campaign. In the case of a Social Media campaign, the matter is even more difficult. Social media are extremely interactive, there is a lot of traffic and a lot of interest in attractive content. People who like the profile of a given business expect either extensive content or some lucrative benefits. Think about what your FanPage management can offer Internet users?

Local producer and international potentateIn fact, both small companies and large corporations can benefit from social media. Large corporations find it useful to warm up their image, inform about important events or to open up to new consumers. However, running a FanPage of such a company will be significantly different from

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Why is it worthwhile to work in affiliate programs?


Affiliate programs are a great solution for people starting in e-business. Why did I write that? Well, thanks to working in affiliate programs you will have to learn such skills as copywriting, blogging, making squeeze page and learn how to use autoresponder tools.

All these skills will allow you to earn money in e-business.It's not as terrible as it looks, because nowadays on the Internet you will find a lot of videos, which explain step by step how to bite a given topic. For those interested in cooperation I have a dozen or so hours of videos that help you start marketing online and, most importantly, help you start earning money on the Internet.

This text was supposed to be about why it is worth to work in affiliate programs, so I am already translating:First of all, you can start working in affiliate programs without investing money. You can find a course to learn what to do and act. Your only investment is time, because you can't do business.  You cannot earn money without inv

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What is affiliate marketing?

One of the gaining techniques of Internet marketing is affiliate marketing. The main principle of affiliate marketing is that the advertiser delegates the performance of marketing activities to many partners, guaranteeing them remuneration for it in an effective model of settlements.

Affiliate marketing on the Internet offers new opportunities for cooperation between advertisers and website owners, who would like to emit advertisements and thus receive quite a good remuneration. Affiliate networks, offering the possibility of broadcasting this kind of advertisements, are a competitive alternative to Google AdSense or other types of advertising networks.

Partners (website owners) may broadcast various types of advertising creations - banners, links, etc., or use mailing promotion methods, depending on which methods are allowed in the regulations of a given affiliate program. Affiliate programs promote products such as clothing, books, computer programs, jewellery, cosmetics, etc., as

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