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Initial Exchange Offering


What is IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering is a relatively new trend that employs cryptocurrency exchanges to raise funds on behalf of an entrepreneur or startup. By listing exclusively on an exchange, a startup can harness the popularity and reach of the platform to promote their token.

Advantages of IEO

There are several merits for startups to use Initial Exchange Offering for raising funds for their project. They are listed below:

  • Trust factor: Exchanges organize rigorous examinations to ensure the different project comply with different regulations before listing them on their platform.
  • Token Security: Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about the security of their token as it is provided by the exchange.

Simplified Marketing: Publicizing the project and reaching investors is organized by the exchange platform.

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White Label Crypto Exchange


For ruling the crypto revolution and positioning oneself in the forefront, owning a white label exchange is necessary. From enhancing the reliability of your project to giving your tokens the advantage to secure a significant market cap valuation, setting up and hosting an exchange can ensure your presence in the crypto space. Some of the unique features that you must incorporate into your exchange are as follows:


  • Simple fee generator 24*7 through the year
  • Advanced APIs for the traders
  • Highly secure vault technologies
  • Numerous choice of currency trading pairs
  • Instant liquidity options
  • System for earning passive income
  • Full insurance against thefts
  • Full support
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Initial Exchange Offering


What is an IEO?

First of all, what is an IEO all about? An Initial Exchange Offering is managed and administered via a cryptocurrency exchange platform on behalf of the startup that seeks fundraising with its newly issued tokens.

When the token sale is conducted on the platform, token issuers have to pay a listing fee along with a fraction of tokens sold during the IEO. Consequently, the tokens of the startups are sold on the platform, and their coins are listed after the IEO is over. The exchange takes a percentage of the tokens sold by the startup and it is also incentivized for helping with the marketing operations of the token issuers.

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Security Token Exchange


If you have been hesitating to take part in this new age technology revolution, now is the best time to start. The market is still fresh and has multiple opportunities. Beginning at this stage will ensure that opponents are fewer in number. Your company could become one of the most sought after for investors all over the world. Visit Blockchain App Factory to get your STO Exchange Platform built in no time. They will create an exchange that is highly reliable and help you attract all the right investors.

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Art Asset Tokenization


Art Asset Tokenization is a budding concept that is exciting all the art owners and art enthusiasts. Asset-backed tokens increase liquidity, returns and help to raise funds. At Blockchain App Factory, they help to develop secure art tokens that in turn enable your investors to earn dividends or interest. Contact them right away!

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White Label Bitcoin Exchange Platform


Developing a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch is an expensive affair, not to mention the loads of time that involves in development. But the exchange market is highly lucrative and buzzes with numerous players. But only those who offer unique and class-leading features survive. If you plan on entering the exchange business, then you need to get in touch with Blockchain App Factory. With their advance White Label Bitcoin Exchange Platform, you can enter the exchange game in no time. And best of all, you will receive all top-notch features at a fraction of a cost. Why wait? Visit their website for more details!

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Your Partner of Choice ICO Marketing Agency

by Juliemitts8 months ago


    • Target Investors: Blockchain App Factory helps you to focus on the most specific target investors who are in line with your business
    • Market & Competitor Study: Sufficient study on competitors & constant improvisation in Strategy will help achieve desired results

Informed Decisions through Channelized Marketing:



    • Promotions via owned media - Website, Mobile Application, and Social Media Channels
    • Promotions via earned media - Shares, Mentions, Reports, and Reviews
    • Promotions via paid media - PPC, Paid Influencers, Social Media Ads, and Paid Content Promotion

Blockchain App Factory offers various ICO Marketing Packages for you to opt the most relevant one so Blockchain App Factory is the Best ICO Marketing Agency in Crypto-World

Talk to our experts right now to kickstart your ICO Marketing Campaign in no time to reach the targeted sale.

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ICO Marketing Agency

by Juliemitts8 months ago


What makes a successful Initial Coin Offering launch? The offer itself, of course, is what comes first in mind. But without a great ICO Marketing Agency, your project may not take off.

It’s necessary to let potential investor know about your idea and how they can benefit by investing in it. And a killer marketing strategy is the right way to do it.

The Blockchain App Factory has the best marketing team to help your venture to stand out from the crowd. With two simple, but very effective steps, we are able to devise a solid marketing plan:

  • Get to know your target investors - To reach the right public we need to know exactly what they want. This can ensure a focused marketing effort and achieve the right results
  • Have an eye on the competition - There’s no better way to beat the competition by understanding what they do and how you can do better. And since investors are picky, ‘show what your differential’ is a must.
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

by Juliemitts9 months ago

exchange 1

We are witnessing digitalisation everywhere; even currency has acquired a newer digital dimension in the form of cryptocurrency. It is not a buzzword anymore as many started investing in cryptocurrency nowadays and various industries are actively inculcating its incredible technology, the blockchain, in many of its businesses. Numerous entrepreneurs are highly interested in creating their cryptocurrency.

then the right choice for you is Blockchain App factory. We help you in

  • Building a complete, reliable cryptocurrency exchange.
  • More significance towards the safety and security of the transaction.
  • Guidance on developing cryptocurrency marketplace with the latest technologies by experts.

Are you someone who is looking forward to integrating your cryptocurrency into the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development? We are here; we will offer a complete, ready-made white-labelled exchange platform for you. Start your exchange with us.

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ICO Marketing

Blockchain app factory - BAF

Already owning a cryptocurrency and waiting for the right company to help you with ICO Marketing? Leave your hesitation and fear; With Blockchain App Factory’s unparalleled ICO marketing services by professional experts in the field,  ICO Marketing is not a buzzword anymore.

ICO is a smart marketing strategy as the returns are expected to be higher than the initial investments, provided with guided support from an ICO Marketing agency.  To emerge successful in an ICO, you should help your investors to realise that your service is reliable and genuine.

Blockchain App Factory guides you through every stage of ICO Marketing right from Development to Community building which involves,


  • Development
  • SEO
  • ICO insights
  • PPC
  • Content marketing
  • ICO PR
  • Community building
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