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3 Main Differences between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

These two reality technologies are considered as the next technology trends by many experts. They both come up together in many conversations but yet there is a big difference between these two technologies. The main differences between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are -

1) Environment

Both have one main thing in common - they have the ability to create an illusion that virtually created environment is real. Virtual Reality has the ability to take you to a simulated world and Augmented Reality shows you the virtually created objects in real world. 

2) Applications

 Virtual Reality completely shuts down the user from the world. This restricts this technology mainly for entertainment. In coming days, Virtual Reality will be widely used in gaming industry. 

On the other hand, Augmented reality can be used for marketing, entertainment, military, games and many more.

3) Mode of display

Virtual Reality can be experienced thorugh head mounted device. You can have the movements

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Top Grossing iPhone games in USA for 2018

iPhone is one of the most sold phones. It is also one of the most secure devices owing to its affiliation with the iOS operating system. Newer and emerging technologies are being integrated into the iPhones like QR reader, AR functionality and so on. Games are also some of the most used apps in the iStore. From MMO sandboxes to arcade style fighting games, here’s the list of 2018 top grossing iPhone games in the USA:

  1. FortniteA Co-op sandbox survival game released by Epic games, Fortnite is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game supports up to 4 players teaming up on missions to protect survivors, collect resources and build fortifications to combat enemies. Rewards from missions help upgrade .characters and weapon arsenals.
  2. Candy Crush SagaThe ever-popular match-three puzzle by King continues to top the charts on iPhones in 2018. Players by swap colored pieces of candy to make a match of three or more of the same color to clear boards and complete levels. The game is free to pla
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VR Game Developers | Virtual Reality Applications Company

A VR development company and service provider with offices in India, USA, UK and UAE, Juego Studios develops immersive VR games and apps for applications in retail, marketing, manufacturing, entertainment, construction, heavy industries, learning and education, healthcare and military.https://www.juegostudio.com/images/services/virtual-reality-icon.jpg

We offer full-service development and high-quality customized content creation for platforms like HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard and others. We design and develop tailored VR solutions for both consumer and enterprise applications. We provide end-to-end development for hyper-realistic games, simulations and social experiences, walkthroughs, and visualizations of homes and buildings, simulated environments for employee training, design and process management as well as interactive learning and educational aids for academic and training purposes.

Additionally, we develop VR content for marketing and advertising including promotional apps, installations for tradesh

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