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The Future of Enterprise Mobile App Development

A desire for higher productivity is driving businesses to promote mobility. Read about the future of enterprise apps with mobile application development platform.

Productivity is a buzzword in the modern workplace. Against the backdrop of intensifying competition, organizations are continuously making efforts to empower their employees to achieve higher productivity. Encouraging mobility to increase employee satisfaction and actively promoting a BYOD (bring your own device) approach are the most strategic attempts to boost productivity.

According to a report published by CITO Research, around 70% businesses encourage mobility to improve processes. In today’s hyper-connected world, employees are expected to be available even while on-the-go. They need to react and respond promptly to work situations and should be able to complete tasks even while traveling. Moreover, organizations need to understand that employees value flexibility and the traditional 9 am to 5 pm work schedule no lon

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Leverage App Monetization to the Fullest: Use Mobile App Development Platforms

Benefits generated by mobile apps need to be weighed against development costs. Read on to know how mobile app development platforms can lower such costs.

Did you know US adults used 21 apps per month, on an average, in 2016? These figures published by eMarketer indicate the growing use of mobile apps. Another report by Flurry states that app session activity increased by 6% in 2017 while stating that people spent more than five hours per day using new and old apps on their smartphones.

So, whether you are planning on offering a paid or subscription-based mobile app to make money or are part of a company that wants to boost its profits by launching a mobility strategy, the recent trends of smartphone and app usage bode well for you.

Trends in Money Making Global revenues generated by mobile apps available in app stores are expected to cross $110 billion in 2018, according to projections released by App Annie. Added to this is the impact of higher sales and increased productivity on

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Things to Know Before Hiring Top Mobile App Developers

Hiring dedicated mobile app developers is a process that requires a lot of homework on part of business owners. This is imperative, as it entails finding the ideal match to suit all requirements of the business.

Mobile apps have, in recent times, become an integral part of most businesses. Having dedicated mobile app developers catering to business products has become a strategic component of both big, and (especially) small companies. New business owners today are constantly on the lookout for hiring dedicated mobile app developers, so as to increase business visibility, flexibility, and profitability.

Hiring dedicated mobile app developers is, however, much easier said than done. 

Every business has its own unique requirements when it comes to mobile app development and hiring a dedicated mobile app developer involves finding the one most suited for fulfilling those requirements. Given that most business owners have little or no experience with app development, the search to hire

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All you Need to Know About Hiring Dedicated Mobile App Developers

As mobile applications have become increasingly important to meet business goals, businesses need to know exactly how to hire dedicated mobile app developers.  Mobile apps have become a necessity — even in the business environment. Right from administering operations to improving sales, mobile apps have a role to play in every aspect of a business’s operations. If you aren’t thinking about hire dedicated mobile app developers, then you will definitely miss out on a host of opportunities and avenues to generate more revenue. This is why enterprises everywhere are looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers to meet business goals.  When you decide to hire dedicated mobile app developers, you may come across many capable ones — but how do you know who can further your business goals? How do you know who’s the perfect fit – in terms of ideas and technology? Thinking about this can be quite daunting, can’t it? Well, don’t fret, as what follows are some tips that will help you hire dedic

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Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development you Need to Know About

With mobile enterprise application platforms on the rise, businesses that are in the process of enterprise mobile app development face certain challenges.

In the last couple of years, mobile enterprise application platforms have seen substantial growth. Businesses have recognized the need for enterprise mobile app development, as they’ve deemed it to be very important for their operations. By investing in mobile enterprise application development, businesses are able to significantly improve the efficiency of all their systems and processes, as these applications enable and empower a mobile workforce.

There are two types of mobile enterprise apps— customer-facing, and employee-facing— that overlap with one another and function hand-in-hand.

As appealing as MOBILE ENTERPRISE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT sounds, businesses everywhere are facing certain challenges in the field. This makes it difficult to deliver enterprise mobile apps that perform brilliantly.

The Right Resources and Exper

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Top mobile application development platform in Singapore

Global statistics show that enterprise mobility is the next revolution in the business space. Enterprise mobility brings significant changes by shifting entire business dynamics from being profit-driven, to a customer-centric approach where communication and business are conducted via mobile devices. Mobility, however, isn’t just about being mobile. It's about a complete transformation of business processes, front-end, and back-end, by embracing cutting-edge technology. In Singapore, mobile app development platforms are in constant competition to provide the best mobile application that serves current and is adept to future requirements. In this content piece, we give a quick look at the best mobile app development companies that are based out of Singapore. 1.    HokuAppsA future giant in the mobility space, HokuApps serves SMEs and large-scale businesses transform ideas into innovative business solutions at 10x speed. HokuApps specializes in creating mobile and web application solutio

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