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Best forex broker

In the fast-moving world of currency markets where huge moves can seemingly come from nowhere, it is extremely important for new traders to learn about the various economic indicators and forex broker events and releases that shape the markets. The key to successful trading is to be prepared and the Forex Economic Calendar will help you to have a better overview of what is happening in the market and to make the best trade decisions. Because the most important news can cause heavy price fluctuations and volatility.

You cannot consistently make successful trades without knowing the current state of the market, using an economic calendar is an easy quick way to stay on top of fast shifting markets. Even small events can cause brief ripples in the market and give a patient, observant investor time to slip in and make a tidy profit. This, in conjunction with sharing trade strategies or advice across the web, could give a relatively new trader that extra edge.

An economic calendar is a sc

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Forex Robots for trading

TIPS to Enhance Performance of a Forex Expert Advisor (EA) or Forex Robot -

  1. Trade with EA only with a True ECN/STPForex Broker who is giving spread < 0.5 Pips, execution time < 500 ms, Slippages < 15 Pips, No Requotes.
  2. Trade with EA only on VPSand also check latency, it should be < 20 ms.
  3. Even though VPS providers gives 99.9% uptime but still to be safer side check your VPS each day. Login at your VPS each day and check if MT4 trading platformis working correctly, EA is activated or not.
  4. Keep track of Major News Follow instruction of EA developer regarding EA trading during news hours. Some EA developers instructs to disable their EA one hour before news hours and again activate them one hour after major news.
  5. Read every single word of EA Manual, don’t be lazy in reading EA Manual. Lot’s of EA settings are explained in it.
  6. Activate EA on both Demo & Live Trading Account. If you start noticing losses continuously for 3–4 days, disable your EA on LIVE account and keep track it on
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Forex Robots

Can you make money from Forex Robots?

You’ve probably seen the popup ads which promise you can make guaranteed profits using a fool proof automated forex robot.  If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.  So can you really make money from robo advisors?

Robots offer the promise of sit back and relax trading while the “smart” robot calls all the shots.   The software is programmed to open and close trades when certain market conditions are met.

Do they actually work?

Probably not.  These robots come and go – if they actually worked, they would stick about.  There are plenty of services online which track robots and their profits.   I’ve never seen a single robot able to consistently make profitable trades on its own.  The reality is, a human is needed to make sense of fundamental economic forces which have the biggest impact on forex markets.

Have a look at some of the reviews for these forex products, and you’ll soon see that people aren’t able to replicate the results promi

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