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Surrogates in Europe

by GlennHamm1 year ago

Despite the legal and ethical complexities that surround it, surrogacy is on the rise in Britain – and for some, it is the only solution to childlessness. Nicole Mowbray investigates.

I n the airy, chatter-filled lobby of a shared office space near London's Borough Market, people perch on vintage G Plan chairs sipping macchiatos, or tap away on Apple laptops around communal dining tables. Others, however, anxiously wait to begin one of the most emotionally arduous and legally complex journeys of their lives. Upstairs in this stylish space, with its iPad reception and aged-oak parquet floors, is the London headquarters of Brilliant Beginnings, one of only three surrogacy services in Britain.


Brilliant Beginnings was founded four years ago by lawyers Natalie Gamble and Helen Prosser, who also run a law firm specialising in helping couples unravel the complex legal framework around surrogacy. Before its inception, there were only two recognised surrogacy services in Brita

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Surrogacy in UK

by GlennHamm1 year ago

Surrogacy is a way for a childless couple or individual to have a child, with a surrogate mother carrying the child. The surrogate mother agrees to be artificially inseminated or to have an embryo transferred to her womb in order to become pregnant. She then carries the child to term with the intention of giving custody of the child to the person/couple (known as the commissioning person/couple) with whom she has made the agreement.

Surrogacy can take place using any of the following:

  • The commissioning mother’s ova and the commissioning father’s sperm
  • The commissioning mother’s ova and donor sperm
  • The surrogate mother’s ova and the commissioning father’s sperm
  • The surrogate mother’s ova and donor sperm
  • Donor ova and the commissioning father’s sperm
  • Donor ova and sperm, or donor embryo

Surrogacy arrangements can take place using artificial insemination (AI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques, but may also be carried out without any medical intervention.

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