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Central Taxes to Blame for High Fuel Prices, Says a Report


A new report doing the rounds has claimed that the taxes that the centre in levying is the prime reason behind the high fuel prices. The report further says that all the taxes the government is levying, the government is not sharing it with the state governments.

Since the Independence Period, fuel prices have been influenced by two important considerations, namely a rise in fuel prices will slowly bring about an increase in the prices of a lot of goods and and more prices fluctuated, the quicker inflation would rise. The government should work towards insulating the fuel prices from fluctuating due to rising crude prices. The second factor is that the demand is always fluctuating, hence it attracts a lot of indirect taxes.

As there has been a rise in international crude prices the subsidy burden on the oil pool is also increasing and it is a good step to deregulate the oil market from a public policy perspective.

Also, even though the subsidies were rising, the extent at which e

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Trend in Diesel Price in Bihar between January 2018 and March 2018





Opening date price

Rs.63.45 a litre

Rs.67.88 a litre

Rs.66.87 a litre

Closing date price

Rs.67.77 a litre

Rs.66.70 a litre

Rs.69.01 a litre

Highest price

Rs.67.77 a litre recorded on 31st

Rs.68.19 a litre recorded on 7th

Rs.69.01 a litre recorded on 31st

Lowest price

Rs.63.45 a litre recorded on 1st

Rs.66.69 a litre recorded on 24th

Rs.66.87 a litre recorded on 1st





% Deviation




Trend in diesel price in January 2018 in Bihar

  • The distance travelled from supply stations to retail stations determines the fuel price in a given city. The longer the distance, the higher will be the fuel price and vice versa.

  • Considering the variations in the exchange rate (INR/USD) and international crude oil rates, the state-owned com

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Loan Blunders That Anyone Should Say No To

It is inevitable that you will take some or the other loan at any given point of time in your life to meet a certain financial need. This may be a asset-based loans such as a home loans or other types of loans such as a personal loan or an educational loan. However, any loan that you take will have an impact on your credit score. So, before making a decision, first sit down and take a look at the common loan mistakes that you should avoid at any cost in your life.

  1. Not comparing interest rates: Different banks have different lending rates, and before you go ahead and apply or a loan, it is a must to sit down and compare interest rates.
  2. Choosing the first lender that approaches you: You really want a loan and then a lender approaches you, you say yes and feel like it's the best deal for you!
  3.  Unplanned financial decisions: A loan is not money that gets credited to your bank account for free. You are not shopping for money, so do not go on a shopping spree!
  4. Defaulting payments: This
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