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For what reason RFID card offense is (and isn't) impossible

To believe RFID cards crime is occurring, you have to ignore that RFID readers can read RFID information from many yards away only in perfect conditions. The actual conditions of multiple greeting cards in someone's wallet or purse, blocked by other cards and material and surrounded by all kinds of other metal things (e. g., keys or coins), all lead to RFID cards being hard to read at distance. Basically, when used at a merchant with normal visitors, RFID cards must be within a few cms to work. You often can't even keep it inside a wallet and have the signal reach the merchant reader.


A few assume the criminal mastermind has got the best RFID audience and the victim is alone and is essentially holding their card away in front of those so the reader has a definite shot at RFID eavesdropping. Let's assume the lawbreaker can actually get all the information available from a wireless read.


Many RFID credit cards will only readily transmit the credit card number and expiration date

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The truth about RFID card fraud

I've written before about the non-existence of RFID credit-based card offense, a least as marketed by all the sellers selling anti-RFID shielding products. I'm one of the few voices constantly stating that buying RFID-blocking wallets and handbags, sleeves and the like would be a waste material of time and money. I've frequently said that I can't find a single documented case of RFID credit card offense. Each time I write about this, I get tons of angry email from vendors of such products as well as people who "just know" that they have been patients of RFID cards crime.The "victims" who write me personally always speak about a secret man, acting strangely, who walked by with an obvious device, that they firmly believed to be an RFID reader, and soon enough thereafter their credit cards has a fraudulent fee on it. I usually answer that a "feeling" that RFID fraud happened just isn't evidence of an genuine crime, and this I still, after FID car offense has most likely took place. 

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HID Launches New High-Security, RFID Access Cards to Upgrade Physical Access Control


HID announced the launch of its HID keyfobs HID® 1326 new high-frequency 13.56 MHz access card product line delivering increased security at a much lower cost with the excellent compatibility, service, and quality standards that have made HID card offerings so popular.


Despite the security weaknesses of 125 kHz proximity card systems, adoption of more secure replacements has been hampered by the lack of alternatives that meet all of the customer requirements for such a solution — low cost, seamless support of existing systems, easy migration, simple ordering and enrollment of cards, and a high level of security certified by independent third-party organizations. The HID keyfobs line meets all of these requirements and delivers high-assurance identity and access card authenticity to both newly deployed and existing physical access control systems.


HID Cards are priced to be significantly less expensive than both proximity and smart card solutions from other vendors. HID is ab

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