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Coffee and Tea Premixes – Cafe Desire

Instant Coffee Premix

A hot cup of coffee during the busy day at work is always refreshing. The instant coffee premix from Cafe Desire comes with a chicory blend and provides you with a rich delicious taste. You do not even need to go through the hassle of preparing it since you will just need to add hot water to the premix to enjoy your rich hot beverage.

Diet coffee premix

Sugar and synthetic additives in a coffee can force you to gain extra calories. Thus, most of the health conscious people avoid the rich taste of coffee to stay fit. Well, not anymore. The Cafe Desire diet coffee premix is free from any synthetic addition and sugar. Plus, it has high energy value and it is protein rich. So, enjoy your coffee and stay fit with Diet coffee premix with our Coffee Machine.

Low Sugar Coffee Premix

Whether you are health conscious or worried about unrestricted sugar consumptions, having sugar with coffee is never good. Cafe Desire has brought the best solution to this problem. The L

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Coffee and Tea Vending Machines

Having an automatic coffee machine makes your life much easier. You do not need to stumble around in the kitchen first thing in the morning while you are still half asleep. This will not only make your morning efficient, but it will also reduce the amount of stress that you might otherwise have to face.

Benefits of using an Automatic coffee machine

  1. Prepare Speciality coffees- Having an automatic coffee machine provide you with an opportunity to prepare your favorite drink just with the touch of the button. However, it is not a case with the manual coffee machine.

2.Use fresh beans- It is a known fact that roasted coffee beans are much better in taste. When you grind the coffee beans, the oil and flavors that come out of it enhance the taste of the coffee. So buy an automatic coffee machine that comes with an inbuilt grinder that grinds the coffee each time you use it. So your fresh coffee is just a step away using an automatic coffee machine.

  1. Safer than manual machines- Be
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Fresh Brew - Filter Coffee and Indian Chai Vending Machine


Don't you find it easy and simple if you can relish your taste buds with an amazing coffee by just clicking a simple button? One of the most branded and trusted filter coffee machines in India are the Cafe Desire. It is awarded as India's No.1 brand which presents you with all the specialty drinks that you might want at the touch of a button. By offering various flavors of tea and coffee with cafe machine you can make your employees and clients feel delighted.


Why do you need to invest in Cafe Desire Machine?

The best thing what everyone like in Cafe Filter coffee machine is its filtering process. Whatever flavor you like to have, the quality in and taste you are going to get will make you pleased. Unlike the machines, you find in the market Cafe Desire can be used for making both coffee and tea. Safety is the first concern when using any machine but by using this filter you can avoid accidents.


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Automatic Coffee and Tea Vending Machine


The importance of having a coffee maker in your office premise has increased greatly over the years. Every employee working in your office craves for a cup of hot beverage once in a while as it boosts their energy and helps them to work properly. However, it is not easy to maintain an office pantry these days. The amount of money that is spent to procure milk, sugar, coffee, tea and gas often exceed your budget. Furthermore, the taste of the tea or coffee made in the pantry does not remain consistent all the time. So, what else can you opt for? Well, the answer is simple. All you need to do is to bring a coffee machine to your office.

At Cafe Desire, we offer a variety of coffee vending machines and tea machines. You will be easily able to hire these machines from us and gift your employees with an enriched and tasty cup of hot beverage to help them work properly. Want to know which of our automatic coffee maker is perfect for your office? Well, have a look:

1.      2 Lane Coffee a

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Are you looking for high performing coffee and Tea machine for your office?

With every passing day, the coffee machines and tea vending machines are gaining behemoth importance in the office premises. A cup of hot beverage is something that every person needs to survive the stressful work regime in an office. Be it a cup of delicious coffee or tea, your employees require their preferred beverage to function properly. Plus, offering a cup of coffee or tea to the guests or important dignitaries that visit your office creates a good impression. However, it has been seen that maintaining a pantry in the office often increases your expenditure.

 Whether it is the cost of milk, sugar, gas and beverages or hiring someone to work in the pantry, you will never be able to reduce your expenditure. Furthermore, it takes time to prepare tea or coffee in the pantry and the taste never remains consistent. As a result, it becomes a headache. Well, there is nothing to worry about as we at Cafe Desire have brought you perfect coffee machines and tea machine to help you get rid

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