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What is CRM ..?

( Customer Relationship Management)CRM is a tailor-made software used for sales and marketing. It is available in a web-based and desktop-based version to cater all size company including SMB and SME.

CRM online version includes CRM and add-ons like Inventory management and CMS. It has also integrated with IndiaMart, IVR, and bulk SMS. CRM helps the sales team to track Inquiries, quotations and also send reminders notification for follow-ups. It also helps to assign a task or any related work to the team.  Owners can view 360 degrees of the company in a single platform. As it is web-based, it can be used from any by any devices with internet connections.

CRM Desktop version includes 3 modules which cater to three different domains which include Service industry, business industry and retails industry.  Tabular view of desktop application makes it more user-friendly and easy to use to customers. It comes with 30 days trial. CRM desktop version is GST ready software which covers all GS

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3 Tips For Material Handling To Improve Warehouse Space

To store your product in the warehouse is very expensive, to reduce the carrying costs of material and increase material handling efficiency in the warehouse. If you do some changes in your warehouse management then you can save a lot of money.

Following are some few tips to material handling to improve your warehouse activity.

  • Improve Inventory Management  & Forecasting Accuracy

Sometimes you get inaccurate forecasts to result in excess inventory that complicates warehouse inventory management. If currently, you are using the spread sheet to generate forecasts, then you need to upgrade your system with the latest forecasting tools include better-fit algorithms and take seasonality and planned promotions into account. Advance forecasting will save money on inventory acquisition, handling costs and obsolescence.

An advance ERP (enterprise resource planning) as well as inventory management solution this helps you to generate inventory requirements and you can reduce on-hand inven

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Every Warehouse Needs To Update Their Warehouses With The Latest Technology Of Picking And Putting, To Increase Your Order Picking Productivity And Boost Accuracy There Are The Different Type Of Technology Is Present In The Market If You Look Other Warehouses They Are Using That Type Of New Technology To  Increase Their Business.

Now We Are Talking About That Services They Help You To Increase Your Business, In Our List, There Is Two Important And New Technology Currently Using In The Warehouse System. Pick-To-Light And Put-To-Light. Those Methods Help You To Automate Warehouse Process These Technologies Help Automate Warehouse Processes And Offer A More Efficient And Lower Cost Solution Over Manual Picking Methods.

Pick-To-Light System

This System Is Used To Find Out The Product Location With The Specific Light Displays .So It Easier To Warehouse Operators To Find Out The Product Location And Also Operator To Know Which Product Be Taken To Pick And How Many Of The Product.


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Voice-Directed Warehousing System

Voice-directed warehousing (VDW). This System refers to the use of the voice direction and speech recognition software in warehouses and distribution centres. VDW has been in use since the late 1990s

In a voice directed warehouse, workers wear a headset connected to a small wearable computer, similar in size to a Sony Walkman, which tells the worker where to go and what to do using verbal prompts. Workers confirm their tasks by speaking pre-defined commands and reading confirmation codes printed on locations or products throughout the warehouse.

Voice-directed warehousing is typically used instead of paper- or mobile computer-based systems that require workers to read instructions and scan barcodes or key-enter information to confirm their tasks.

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Increase Productivity With Warehouse Mobile App.

The mobile application was created to simplify the active control of all processes and material flow as well as all available resources in the warehouse worker’s required actions. The mobile device has simple, Use “Easy Screen”: where all movements inside the warehouse are tracked. Mobile applications can help your warehouse and company save money on multiple fronts to improve your business productivity.

Even if you are using mobile warehouse management apps to support your procedure? Are you familiar with all the benefits mobile apps can deliver? We’ve created short information about the advantages of a mobile application for Manage Your Warehouse.

How mobile app warehouse solutions can help your distribution company to improve business the following 8 points show why the mobile app is useful to manage warehouse daily activity.

  • Enjoy Your Business Growth
  • Improve Pick, Pack, and Shipping Services
  • Find Inventory Fast and Easy
  • Answer Customer Queries
  • Real-time reporting and info
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Amazon E-commerce platforms

Now a days, e commerce platforms are getting more importance worldwide by which people can buy and sell goods and services. E-commerce transactions occur either as a consumer-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, business-to-business or business-to-consumer. It includes technologies such as Internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), mobile commerce, online transaction processing, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management and inventory management systems. Electronic retailing or E-tailing is the most common form of the B2C transaction.

In today’s competitive and fast-paced world of e-commerce, online sellers have multiple of platforms to choose from. With thousands of sellers worldwide, Amazon surely is one of the most popular online ecommerce platform today and it has millions of customers in worldwide. Each customers magnify the chances of getting more profits. Amazon provide different spaces for customers to sell products and they are Amazon MarketplaceAmazon zSh

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Supply chain management And its Importance

Supply chain management is broadly detailed system used by small and large businesses. It is the process from obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and finally delivering the product to the customer. A well-organized supply chain management defines optimizing operations and functionality to be faster and in the most streamlined and cost-effective way possible.

Supply chain management (SCM) is the most important part of any business as it deals with the effective management of supply chain activities such as inventory control, Quality check, warehouse management and delivery management to expand customer value and achieve a competitive advantage. Organizations who use strategic SCM are able to function at their best capacity to provide and distribute their products and materials efficiently.

Supply chain management increases profits, creates efficiencies, lowers costs and raises collaboration. SCM enables companies to manage inventories in better way, carry the right amount of materi

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New Technologies And Trends In Transportations

Transport Management Systems Are Highly Advancing With The Industrial Revolutions And Arrival Of The Internet. Let’s Take A Look At Future Transportation Technologies And Trends That Are Sure To Impact The Trucking And Transportation Industries Forever.

Driverless Vehicles

Vehicles without Drivers Are Possible, Like Objects Connected To The Internet, To Detect Environmental Factors And Drive Safely Without Presence Of Human

Vehicles Without Drivers Have Already Proven Their Productivity In The Transport Sector Even If They Are Still Being Tested. This Technology Will Soon Get In Use To Improve The Performance Of The Supply Chain For Businesses Who Wish To Significantly Reduce Costs And Other Expenses.

In Addition, It Will Allow A Constant Transportation, And Increase The Availability Of Business In The Delivery Even On Holidays. The Risk Of Accidents Will Reach Almost Zero As No Human Error Will Be Associated Because Of Tiredness, Loss Of Concentration Or Alcohol.

The Mole:


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