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What are the Difference between Human Machine Interface (HMI) and SCADA

HMI and SCADA are two forms of technology that are co-dependent yet different. HMI systems are tasked with providing convenient and transparent information by processing complex machine.

SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It refers to a large system that comprises sensors and smaller systems.

SCADA is used for streamlining the different functions of a business through methodologies that optimize business processes in the simplest way possible. 

Businesses of today have an increased reliance on technology which makes HMI systems a critical tool for the success of any enterprise. It’s important to train employees on the different machines they use to ensure increased efficiency and productivity.

Difference between HMI and SCADA Systems

The major difference between HMI and SCADA systems is in their scope. SCADA covers multiple applications and some of which involve HMI. So while HMI can be part of SCADA the reverse is not possible..

SCADA systems are b

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Tips for Choosing an Electrical System Design Company

Whenever a new residence or office is built, there arises also need for electrical systems design. Electrical design engineers offer electrical installation and related services in new business establishments, building sites, dwellings and flats.

Electrical services are also necessary in other situations far from renovations and buildings. A cable damage resulting from thunderstorm or hurricane may, 


Improved access to information as a result of the technological advancements in this age has made it easy to pick out the best electrical tradesmen from the rest. For first-time customers.

There are many avenues for getting information on who businesses and contractors are hiring for their electrical-related jobs.


After identifying reputable electrical tradesmen, the next step is to affirm their qualification. 

There are two important considerations that pertains to electrical proficiency. The first is electrical safety. 


Still clinging on to relia

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering -Are They Worth Your Consideration?

Electrical and electronic engineering services are needed by both residential and commercial businesses. While some business may attempt to save on electrical-related needs,

In addition to safety, attempting an in-house solution may be more expensive than passing the job to an electronics company.

Skillset and Experience

There’s no one who can address issues concerning electrical design better than an electrical design consultant. An electrical design engineer often works with other specialists or Electrical Electronics Engineering companies. They have acquired the knowledge and also experience that makes it possible for them to give you sound business advice on your electrical-related issues.


Electrical engineers undertake safety training courses like arc flash training that they can equip your employees with. Safety training is especially critical when it comes to electricity because of the high possibility of arc flash occurrences.

A Third Opinion

Several times a co

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What are the Importance of Automated Mobile Solution for Field Service Companies?

Companies offering field service today use more advanced technology as opposed to the traditional pen, paper and phone recording that was used in the past. While this has improved the performance of many service companies, new management issues still crop up time and again.

The service industry is acutely competitive, which pushes field service companies to seek the latest technologies. When clients are shopping for a field service engineer or company to hire, communication is at the top of features looked at. 

Advantages of Automated Mobile Solution

Timely completion of tasks: Field Service Companies of today are expected to troubleshoot problems in the shortest time and offer faster response as technology has made it easier to access data and information. Managers have a greater opportunity to locate and communicate to their technicians in real time. A company where technicians can access information on site, find parts numbers and diagnose issues with equipment is more capable of

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The Amazing Advantages of Having A Field Service Engineer

The electrical projects such as engineering or design often require field service engineer to do the work or complete the project successfully. An experienced and skilled field service engineer is capable to properly handle specialized equipment and machinery. That’s why it is very important for an electrical engineering company to have a field service engineer.There are many advantages of having a field service engineer and some of the major ones are mentioned below:Your Team Remains at Prime StrengthSickness and annual leaves are two occasions which can’t be avoided. When your workforce is not present because of these two reasons, a large gap is created which is hard to be filled. In such situations, you can contact field service companies for a skilled and experienced field service engineer. This way your team can continue with the project without any hurdles and your objectives will be met.Rapid ResponseIn case a machinery fails, you can contact a field service engineer. The fault

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Electrical System Design: The Important Component of Electrical Engineering

Electrical system design is simply the design of an electrical system. It can be simple like a flashlight cell or complex like a space shuttle. In these systems, a group of electrical components is connected to execute some operation. These systems are often combined with otherdifferent systems such as the subsystems of large systems. Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with electronic gadgets, electricity, and electromagnetism. Engineers use electrical system design to make robust electric systems. In the design, electrical components are linked with one another to perform certain functions. The Beginning of Electrical EngineeringIt can be said that the journey of electrical engineering started in the 19th century when the power generation, its distribution, and transmission was commercialized. Also, with the emergence of telephone and electric telegraph, electrical engineering evolved as an independent discipline of engineering.The Present SituationIn the pr

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Electrical Drafting Proved As the Basis for Competing with Large Firms

The electrical design projects are often weird and if you want them to be normal, you should focus on its very important component – electrical drafting. Electrical drafting is nothing else than technical drawings which an electrical design engineer uses to communicate with people who are into manufacturing the products. Precision and accuracy are necessary to make sure that the product is built correctly and according to the specifications. Electrical drafting is successful when talented and experienced drafting engineers are hired from reputed electrical engineering companies.Today, many electrical engineering companies are popping out rapidly but most of the business is with the large firms only. It has become hard to compete with such top-rated companies. In such situation, efficient electrical drafting has emerged as the basis for overpowering large firms. Here some basics of electrical drafting and its benefits are provided which will give a better understanding of electrical dra

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What are The Responsibilities and Duties of an Electrical Design Engineer

An Electrical design engineer working in whichever organization has a job full of responsibilities. It is the duty of the engineer to plan, create, and test an electrical equipment. Before understanding the various duties and responsibilities of an electrical design engineer, it is important to know some basic things about electrical design.

What exactly is Electrical Design?

In simple words, the design of different types of electrical systems is called electrical design. Most of the projects of electrical design begin with the ideas originating from the sales and marketing department. These projects usually represent an innovative marketable product or electrical design projects which are aimed to improve a preexisting system or product.

The Procedure of Electrical Design

There are many elements which an electrical design engineer needs to consider before finalizing the product. Several questions need to be answered by electrical design engineer prior to the development of the fin

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