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LEAR 535211807

Buy replacement module for BMW 5 Series F10, F11, F07 GT, TMS Headlight Driver Module BMW - Lear Part no: 7269494,7269531, 7316208, 7279625,7274400.

Headlight driver module also known as Insert Computer.

Module is responsible for light levelling also know as vertical aim control, LED Angel Eyes (Halo Rings) Daytime Running Lights and fron turn signal indicator lights.

To identify when you need to replace headlight control module there are many different malfunctions and errors, it could show red headlight error sign, show vertical aim control failure, it means that your xenon lights can't be alligned and light will be pointed downwards only, also it controls LED Angel Eyes (Daytime Running Lights) if they flicker or both rings have stopped to shine at all or LED turng signal dooesnt work it means that bmw headlight driver module has failed. 

These are the most common issues when you can identify, that headlight module has failed and needs to be replaced with new.

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BMW 63117305235

We offer the best TMS Headlight Driver Module for BMW 5 Series F10, F11, F07 GT. it fits to BMW, Lear part number 7316217, 7329157, 7305235, 7304905, 7267044.

BMW ballast for LEAR 63117316217 7329157 7305235 7304905 7267044 TMS Driver Module on BMW 5 Series with AHL Xenon Adaptive Headlights and D1S HID bulbs for main beam.   

63117316217 module is responsible for controlling light levelling up and down, Angel Eyes (Halo Rings) and front turn signal (indicator).

LEAR TMS Module is controling vertical aim on the headlamps, if that's not working anymore or you're seeing an error on the dashboard, you'll need to replace module on your 5 Series BMW.

TMS Driver Module fits Xenon light AHL headlamps only.

BMW headlight driver can be fitted to driver's or passenger's side.

Please double check provided BMW and LEAR part numbers to make sure it is correct part for your vehicle.

Each headlight uses one TMS BIX/TFL module.

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Delphi 401140244

If your Daytime Driving lights don't work anymore, you will need to replace this LED power module. Xenonsu4 takes pride to offer you the best quality Delphi 4G0907697A 4G0 907 697 A LED Power Module Control Unit. If you are not sure about fitment, contact our customer support for advice. Delphi  401140244 module is compatible with other part numbers as well, a list of part numbers are below. Older Delphi ballast was produced with part number 4G0907397A and it was superseded by 4G0907697A, which means you can replace either way and it will work perfectly. Delphi module is made in Hungary.Not sure about fitment, contact our customer support for advice.

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