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Factors for different certified translation rates

For certified   Translation, the first step is the transcription of the file. Nevertheless, before this, you must have a perfect understanding of what to transcribe. Transcription is the conversion of a  or certified  file to its text equivalent. The process may seem simple but requires time to achieve a perfect result. Certified  files for instances come in different sources such as oral statements, conferences, recording of meetings, interviews, lectures, telephone conversations, focus groups and much more.

Generally, the time for the conversion process varies with various factors taken into consideration before the file certified translation rates are quoted if such file is an certified . These factors include the background noise, dialogue, people involved in such conversation, topic, the length of the file, etc. For instance, the transcribing of a lecture in a school by a teacher will be different to a tape conversation between two different people. If these factors are taken int

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