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Knowledge Base Organization Techniques

A knowledge base is a repository of knowledge or information about various topics, related to a product or service or any technical issue. The knowledgebase maintained by an organization would contain various articles on the subject matter, which would be written either by in-house experts or outside professionals.

A good knowledge base is one which contains complete information on all aspects of the subject. It could be in the form of articles, advice, FAQ’s, troubleshooting guides, etc. 

Make a plan on paper

The first thing you need to do is take a pen and paper and make a plan of how you are going to present the knowledgebase. Make an outline with details of what all information you are planning to share on the knowledgebase, the various sections, sub-sections, etc. 

Keep your user in mind

The user of your knowledge base is primarily the customer. So build your knowledge base around the needs of your customers. The needs of the customer could be to get correct information and t

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Galaxy S9 Display Is Still The Best Around. Period

The showcase remains industry-driving and is considerably more brilliant this time around. The processor is normally quicker, and even the much-insulted AI right hand Bixby has a couple of more traps up its sleeve (in spite of the fact that you tragically still can't dole out another capacity to that Bixby equipment catch).

In some cases, searching for the following leap forward can lead organizations to disregard the way that they have to make telephones which are anything but difficult to utilize, great, stable and – in particular of all – really make our regular day to day existences that smidgen less demanding to stomach.

Subsequent to spending right around multi month in the organization of the S9 I believe it's a handset that does the majority of that and that's just the beginning, without presenting new highlights which are insane, best case scenario and fringe broken even under the least favorable conditions. S

ure, the S10 will no uncertainty see ordinary administration c

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What benefits USA-India bilateral talks has to offer to India?

by AlkeshPurohit1 month ago

The India USA bilateral talk which was scheduled to happen in the month of March 2018 has been postponed twice. Defense Ministry and External Affairs Ministry would handle the event in the presence of a lot of other dignitaries.Bilateral Ties

Donald Trump and Prime Minister Modi held a lot of talks during the January 2017 meeting. President of the USA was keen on his America first agenda and Modi was stressing up on the Make in India Initiative. Since both the leaders share the same ideologies, it has become very much easier to come at a lot of agreements during the meet.

When the bilateral ties are strengthened, the Indian expats and the exports of Indian Government can fare well.

Iran clash

The reason why the 2+2 talk which would focus more on the mutual benefits India and US would share by their strategic partnerships is being hampered due to the ongoing Iran-US clash.

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Best GoPro Hero 6 Accessories

by andrewscott703 months ago

Do we really require GoPro HERO 6 accessories? If so, then would it be a possibility to go with GoPro accessories Kit to film any motion videos?

Yes, I do need some of GoPro accessories, whereas, expert photographers, vloggers, and YouTubers need whole GoPro accessories or some. Depending upon the requirements of individual may go for some accessories or for GoPro accessories kit. With the advent of GoPros, the photographers are looking forward to viewing new creative possibilities by using  Top GoPro Hero6 Accessories.

The camera crew of silver-screen or sports event tries to capture every possible view under their reach for the viewers. To capture the panoramas, earlier, it has the strenuous task to lift the polaroid or hefty professional cameras on the shoulder. Nowadays, vlogging cameras or GoPros light in weight, portable and reliable to carry anywhere and everywhere else.

Installing or Mounting a camera or GoPro is really an arduous task for filming ultimate videos. However, e

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Courses, Education and Technology in Indian Markets

-suresh prabhu-697697

Courses, Education and Technology in Indian Markets

As Technology advances beyond boundaries, we are in the midst of a lot of information. The main problem being- we don't know from where we need to start!

Technological Education

The new gen kids are born with technology on their laps. They know the nuances of thousands iof apps, webistes, courses, mobile games even better then the ones who bought it for them.

Well, we can give the explanation that... it's their age and that's their interest.  True, what you have thought. BUt is their knowledge being used on right roads to success. 

Takae a look at these thoughts, I noticed in a site called Prokerala.com

It was detailing about a Minister named Mr. Suresh Prabhu. I mean the man is a genius. He has been recently working on a  lot of strategies that will improve the economic growth of a massive country like India. 

Given the populaion and income disparity of such a beauiful country, the effforts done by that Finance Department is

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List of social bookmarking websites

High PR social bookmarking areas accept an essential part in SEO today. By social bookmarking, we can familiarize our webpage and blog with various pertinent orders to get incredible backlinks, close by a little action. Really, a little development in case you don't know how to do bookmarking properly. We will discuss how to do proper bookmarking in this article.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the system to get extraordinary backlinks, tremendous movement close by checking, headway and requesting benefits. If you are a SEO or modernized displaying individual, you should consider it.

Why use social bookmarking goals?

In my past blog section, I had discussed On Page SEO Checklist. When you finish your on page change, your resulting stage should manage off page streamlining. In this, you can start with social bookmarking. You should begin with submitting blog sections/website pages to social bookmarking destinations as it has such a critical number of points of inte

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Why learning about technology no longer a luxury but a necessity?

by AlkeshPurohit4 months ago

‘Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity’, this phrase has caught the attention of all. It is the most evident truth these days. There were days when the mobile phone was not available and the phone connections were slow and congested, a person making a call and being able to actually reach the other person was a big deal. One had to trunk dial a person and wait for the connection to secure whereas today, we reach out to people with one click of our finger. That is how the world has changed today. Everything we see around us is digitally developed by advanced technology.

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New High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

High district specialist (DA) social bookmarking objectives are a champion among various approaches to manage keep and store your URLs affiliation and offer from wherever completed the world. Around the day's end, these high DA social bookmarking territories are to an extraordinary degree huge for making backlinks to your site, most by a wide margin of them are free social bookmarking comfort objectives which are the great place where you can display your post or URL list identified with your specialty class for building new clients and make basic affiliations. This is the most ideal approach to manage share your affiliations and post on the others objectives with free and expansion your site DA. Most by a wide margin of them are free social bookmarking settlement territories. From social bookmarking objectives list with high DA you can make backlinks and enhance arranging which for the most part needs to take after for your goals which help in developing DA and PA.

On the off chance

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How to build a scalable customer support strategy

The pivotal role of tech

Technology holds such an important place in our businesses now. We only have to see the disruption it causes when, for whatever reason, technology lets us down.


As an example, look no further than the case of the public-sector enterprise that had all its systems locked in a ransomware attack. Refusing to pay the attacker meant that the local government authority had to resort to legacy methods. The impact on its operations was severe and it suffered a PR disaster. Across the organization, 5,000 workers returned to working with pencil and paper for one week!


So, if you think about your business, it comes as no surprise that technology is the lynchpin, the pivot around which your customer service and support efforts revolve. But you need to remember, when it comes to support, the customer information that you need so you can deliver service is now more than just about a database record containing a customer’s contact details.

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375+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018 (With PA, DA and MOZ Rank)

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is presenting your substance to different social destinations including websites, person to person communication locales, microblogging destinations, gatherings, picture or video sharing locales and so on. You can present any kind of substance (Text, Images, Audio, Video) to make backlinks from these High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites. Notwithstanding sharing your substance, you can utilize these locales to connect with different clients and steadily grow the prevalence of your blog.

Focal points of sharing substance on Free High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites:

You can make backlinks

You can expand the web crawler positioning of your blog

You can build Page Rank and Domain Authority of your blog

You can advance your blog or presents and increment activity on your blog

You increment the fame of your blog by cooperating with different clients

What is DA and Dofollow?

Area Authority (DA) – Domain Authority or DA score is

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