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Taxi Service

How to Have a Safe and Pleasant Taxi Ride

No matter how comfortable you are in driving a vehicle, there will always be times when you have to hire a taxi cab for your transportation needs. During the holiday season, or while going out with friends for drinks or when having numerable stops on the schedule, a call to a cab company is the best idea. With reasonable fares and sophisticated vehicles, you can book a taxi at the click of a button.

However, here are a few ways you can make your ride pleasant and safe.

  1. Confirm before getting in and inform someone of your whereabouts:

When your taxi arrives, make it a point to be absolutely sure that the cab is for you. You can do this by checking if your driver knows your destination and your name. You must also ask the driver for their photo id proof before you board. Photograph the number plate and if you get a chance, take the photo of the person driving the vehicle. Before getting inside the taxi, give a call to a friend or a family member, message them the images and let

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Our Tour to Texas Had Some Great Memories

We are a group of three best-likeminded friends who often pack our bags and starts exploring different destinations in the country. This time, we decided that we should explore the Texas area. So, we took a few days leave from our office and started to plan our trip. The first day, I explored the web for the best cab near me in Plano TX that we can use to get to the local airport.

After reserving the cab service to the Airport in Plano TX, our first destination was the Allen city. We have actually heard a lot about this city, so we planned that we should start the trip by visiting this place. Allen is a city with many tourist attractions and that is why we decided that we should include this city on our list.

After arriving at the Allen city, we planned to visit Waters Creek. I have seen the sights of this great, unique shopping mall when my cousin visited this place. So, I decided that I should also be there at some point of my life. And that time finally came. We reserved an Alle

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