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Structural Repair Specialists

Got a sagging floor and need structural repair? Things to know

I have generally observed that many times we tend to ignore the sagging floors and think that it’s a normal characteristic of some older quaint style home. Well, I think that is the worst thing we often do. Here are some common ideas mentioned that help you consider the causes of sagging floor and you will realize why it’s most important to have structural repair specialists.


Important causes of sagging or slopping floors:


  • Inadequate and failing support beams being rotted sillsImproper foundation
  • Extreme pests and termite damage
  • Dry rot damaging the wood framing
  • Sufficient water leakage for a long time which causes the floor and building’s foundation to sink
  • Poor soil conditions
  • Inappropriate landscape drainage that’s involves waterApply best techniques to keep water from your zone. You can choose gutters and landscape drains as well.
  • Improper foundation problems
  • Insufficient wood supports
  • Inaccurate installations of sub-floors
  • Slopping floors usually cause different
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