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Straight Hair Wig

How to maintain a wig?

How to maintain a wig?The grooming should be light. Before using, the wig should be combed and put on a wig and slightly combed. Comb the wig generally choose a sparse comb as well, comb hair should be inclined side carding method, not straight comb, and the action should be light.TwoDon't use hair clips. To prevent the wind from blowing wigs, some people like to use pins for holding wigs. But don't be too hard, hair clip. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the net sleeve of the wig. Therefore, it is better not to use a hairpin and use an ornamental hair band to secure the hair on the wig.7 piece clip in hair extensionsThreeDon't twist your hands when you wash them. Always wear hair sets, usually two to three months, wash once is appropriate. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb and rinse with a diluted conditioner. Cut can not be rubbed with both hands, screw, and more can not be fake foam washing liquid in the wash. The application of hands gently along the direction of hair rinse abo

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What about a knot in the hair?

Hair knot is usually due to lack of hair moisture caused by relatively dry. Therefore, to improve the problem of hair knot, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of hair in daily life, pay attention to sunscreen. Here are some tips to brush your hair after washing.Shampoo your hair before you comb it, so it's easier to comb your hair when you're washing human hair wig.If you use hair conditioner has no effect, can increase the use of the link, the membrane can more effectively relieve dry hair, nourishing hair. But be careful not to use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner for long periods of time, because the long-term use of the same kind of hair will produce tolerance, and slowly do not work.There is an effective method to alleviate the hair is not open, in the dry with a towel after washing hair, then smear olive oil in the hair and knotted, and massage to help absorption, it is easy to comb hair knot.Shampoo a few drops of vinegar in the water, so that the hair becomes

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What are the types of hot hair?

Knitting hot: the hair of a strand of hot hair, and another strand of hair to keep straight hair wig, this method is called "knitting hot". Even though the hair is too hot, it won't look too prominent on the whole and increase the brightness of the straight hair part.Spiral perm: to curl a long, shoulder length or longer hair on a raised curl stick to make a corkscrew curl. This perm can also produce an explosive hairstyle. The traditional perm is hair in curls sideways on a stick.Direct perm method: the hair is rolled up, the hair will be "hot" glyph. It is a perm technique that is used to obtain a strong stereo feeling.Silver hot: first to reverse a strand of hair, perming agents and wrapped in aluminum foil, hot after the hair was a strip of the volume, in order to be more personality to the full head silver hot, the effect is really cool to the extreme.Ion hot: it has been translated into "ceramic flat hot", "ion flat hot", "super non gravity" hot, in fact, only the difference betw

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