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Foldable Smartphones : New Innovation in Smartphone Tech

by newsstack2 months ago

Foldable Smartphone

Before 2007, the cellphone market was brimming with exotic layouts, like the Motorola Razr and the Sony Ericsson Walkman flip design. Nokia too manufactured designs like the 3600 circular button phone, N-Gage “taco” phone, and the N93 that could look like a mini camcorder. 

The foldable smartphone can be filled in for both a phone and a tablet. Samsung recently announced the first foldable smartphone, breaking the taboo of phones and tabs that wouldn’t into the palm. It revealed a 7.3-inch screen, its which when folded inwards doubles up as a smartphone. Huawei and other OEMs also plan to announce their foldable smartphones.

The greatest barrier to foldable smartphones was glass, as it doesn't bend. Hence, flexible displays rely mainly on OLED and AMOLED technologies. 


  1. The rear camera can be swapped as the front camera, increasing picture quality. 
  2. No more shattered screens.
  3. More powerful hardware can be integrated into the smartphone
  4. Advanced multitasking.


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samsung galaxy S9

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The following latest technology of camera.

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