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Sex Tape

Explained: Sundy Carter’s Two Failed Relationship and Three Daughters. Now, Sex Tape And Problems

American actor and reality star Sundy Carter has had a very tumultuous life, to say the least. Famed for her appearance in the reality TV show Basketball Wives: LA, she was involved in two high profile relationships over the years but both of them ended badly, leaving her to take care of three daughters on her own. The misery in her life was compounded due to a leaked tape and her claims that she was raped. The 46-year-old Sunday first married Cedric Carter but the two ended up getting divorced under unknown circumstances. She then dated NBA star Larry Hughes while the latter was still married but it also ended in 2007. Her first marriage yielded 2 daughters while she gave birth to one more daughter while dating then boyfriend Larry.

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Sundy Carter marriage

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LHHA Stars Mimi and Nikko Net Worth – How Much They Made From Their Sex Tape?

The LHHA star Mimi Faust’s Net worth is estimated to be $4 million, and Nikko London’s Net worth is estimated at $1 million. Both of them are a successful American TV reality star through which they have amassed such fortune. Plus Nikko is also a singer and producer. Both of them got fame and popularity after appearing on the reality TV series VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The TV star Mimi Faust’s Net worth is estimated to be $4 million. Mimi earned her riches from being a reality TV star. Mimi Faust has been in the LHHA since the very first season of the show. She earns $20,000 at the end of every episode from LHHA.

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Net worth and earnings of Nikko London and Mimi Faust

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