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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud

hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud combines public and private clouds. It allows companies to mix and match the facets of all the types of cloud to best suit their requirements.

For example, a company can balance its workloads by locating mission –critical workloads on a secure private cloud and deploying less sensitive data on public one. It not only safeguards and controls strategically important assets but does so in the most cost- and resource effective way.

The major benefits are: The Major concerns are:
  • Makes sense only if companies can segregate their data into mission-critical and non-sensitive
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What is Public Cloud

Public Cloud:hybrid-cloud1Public clouds are owned and operated by third party providers. Amazon Web Services  or Microsoft Azure  can be an example of public cloud. With a public cloud in place, all hardware, software and supporting services are owned and managed as managed services by the cloud provider. You can access these services and manage your account using a web- browser. The major benefits of public cloud are:

  • Easy setup and usage
  • Easy access to data
  • Highly flexible in terms of addition or reduction of usage capacity
  • 24/7 Uptimes
  • Highly cost effective
  • Highly scalable

The major concerns are:

  • Low privacy for public cloud data
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What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing  refers to sharing of resources, software and information through the internet. Information is stored on physical or virtual servers which are maintained by a cloud computing provider (Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services, Google Cloud, for example).

cloud-computingWith Cloud computing, you can use computing services- such as servers, storages, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence – over the web. Thus, the traditional hardware computing resources no longer form a key component of your fixed assets.

These flexible resources over the internet offer you a great option to lease- rather than purchase computing resources. Depending on your needs, you get economies of scale as you pay only for the cloud services that you use. This helps to lower your operational costs as well as scale your business as the organization’s needs change.

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What is AMC for storage



Why go for an AMC for storage -

  • Increased longevity for your hardware: An annual maintenance contract will ensure optimal loads for your current infrastructure. It will Increase lifespans for the storage devices and ensure the viability of data without data loss
  • Emergency Services -In case of a device crash, with proper backup mechanism in place for your storage hardware, you can ensure that your data is never compromised. An IT/ITes AMC during emergency, will ensure, your data is secured and you will not lose valuable time in data recovery and hence will not lose out on business performance
  • Routine maintenances - An IT/ITes AMCwill ensure your storage needs are in line with the organization’s demands. Regular cleanups and patches will resolve any errors within the devices
  • Dedicated service schedules- Service contracts for storage will ensure that all your devices are up and running and no system is vulnerable
  • Cost savings over life of
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Why an Annual maintenance contract for a server will provide you peace of mind-

A server is a dedicated computer program that provides functionality for other computer programs. Servers can provide multiple functionalities- networking, application host, communication environment, computing resources to name a few.

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A server is critical for keeping your computing environment up-and-running all the time. Hence, annual maintenance contract is crucial for your business. In order to have a computing environment in the optimal condition, there needs to be regular server maintenance updates, installation of (patches) and diagnostics to monitor irregular or unexpected volatilities/ errors

 Here are the reasons why you should maintain your server-

  • Good server maintenance will increase the lifespan of your server
  • Server AMC is cost-effective since you
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What is AMC For Hardware Devices?

Laptops and desktops are computing systems. In today’s World, organizational needs are necessary for these, as nearly all the transactions between two parties are in digital format enabled by laptops and desktops computers. AMC for laptops and desktops include comprehensive parts replacement, engineer support, user account management, network management, server management, cyber security management on laptops and desktops.

AMC for hardware devices include – rectification of any defects, faults and failures in the equipment . It also includes repair, replacement of any worn out, defective parts of the equipment, free of cost. The AMC for hardware provider loads/reloads and configures operating systems and/or any other specific system software, at no extra cost, whenever the need arises. Maintenance support is provided for Operating systems and softwares installed in it.

Necessary technical assistance and advice is extended to resolve problems that may be encountered with regard to har

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Which company provides reliable cloud hosting?

Today we are living in the technology world where there is new innovation each day. And today most of the people are looking for more reliable and more secured type of technology where they can easily rely upon. So now if you are looking to have and run a website then today you will find a lot of options to choose a hosting provider. Moreover today there are a lot of options are available where you can easily choose the right and best hosting provider to host your website. Since you are looking for a reliable cloud hosting provider i would like to recommend you to chose or go with HostingRaja.

Yes HostingRaja is an Indian based hosting company who is been providing best in class web hosting and also cloud hosting solution for many years. So when you buy cloud hosting server you will be provided with amazing features, offers and discounts. They also provide more secure and reliable hosting solution at an affordable price.

Here are the HostingRaja's cloud server features:

  • Auto Spam
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Exchange server 2010 edb file corrupted and getting problem to access ms exchange server

Are you getting problem during manual recovery of exchange server 2010 and it fails .So that you are unable to recover exchange server data .It showing following warnings and some messages like as .

* Access denied to database Mailbox Store).

* First Storage GroupMailbox Store  is a corrupt file. Database or database element is corrupt

Now you may have problem due to these below reasons

*You was trying to access already corrupted edb file .

*Exchange server lost important file component .

*Edb file inaccessible due to huge corruption in exchange server database .

So at this situation do not get disturb and be cool with few patience because you can make recovery of complete 2010 exchange server .For that just you need to make recovery of 2010 edb file of it and very easily you will get your complete of exchange server 2010 database once again .

So to recover exchange 2010 edb file .First of all download sifo systems exchange server recovery software and resolve all problems a

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SysInspire EDB to PST Converter- Export Exchange Mailbox to PST

SysInspire Export Exchange Mailbox Tool

Exporting emails from inaccessible and damaged exchange EDB file into PST Outlook file is became very easy with using third party SysInspire superb Exchange Export Database Tool that nicely perform to repair damaged EDB file and also recover exchange emails, contacts, calendars, task, notes and appointments.

Exchange EDB to PST Converter Software successfully removes all errors and makes your EDB File again useable into PST File by doing well conversion of EDB file data with maintains all emails and attachments. To use the application there no need of installing MS Outlook application and exchange server, without MS Outlook convert EDB file to PST Outlook file.

EDB to PST Converter Software

Exchange Recovery Software maintains every folders structure, emails formatting, emails attachments attributes during conversion and provides you secure process to convert exchange mailbox to PST Outlook file, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, vCard and Office 365. 

EDB Recovery Software provide

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