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Dana Wheeler Nicholson Biography – American Actress

American actress Dana Wheeler Nicholson was born on 9th October 1960 in New York, US. Dana’s movies like Fletch and Six Years had left a good print in Hollywood. However, Dana is famed by the character of Gail Stanwyk she portrayed in 1985 movie Fletch. The beautiful actress started her film career in the year 1984 when she was in her twenties. Coming this so far, Dana has played a bucket of films. The actress has been contributing to the Hollywood film industry since the 80’s. Her most recent appearance was in 2015 in movie 6 Years. In addition, Wheeler is the granddaughter of American comic publisher Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson, the founder of DC comics.

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Dana Wheeler Nicholson Biography – American Actress

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Why are people cheating in a relationship?

couple love

A lot of people fall in love, get married, and yet fail to keep up their marriage vows at the end of the day. 

Yup, the truth is that many couples are actually cheating in their relationships. Why is that phenomenon spreading around like wild fire?

It's sad, but often even when people know it is wrong- they find a childish yet wicked excitement of doing a mischief. The only difference is that, this mischief is going to wreck the foundation of the family. 

There are many reasons why people actually cheat in a relationships. You could be a married couple or just one who is deeply in love. But cheat still seems to exist. 

Many say boredom could be a reaason, whil;e may say that we need to blame it on the Horoscope. We really cannot pinpoint on anyone reason, but ourselves- stay faithful to your loved one. 




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Tanisha Asghedom and Lauren London Feud

Laurel London is an American actress and TV personality who has been making big waves in Hollywood off late. Having starred in movies like ATL and 90210, she has gained name and fame in showbiz. Despite all her success, London is best known for her relationship with Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom, is an American rapper who is best known for his mix-tapes like The Marathon, Crenshaw, amongst others. Before being in a relationship with London, Nipsey dated Tanisha Asghedom and they had a kid together named Emani Asghedom. And Nipsey’s two love interests haven’t always seen eye to eye. Laurel and Tanisha aren’t big fans of each other and that is very evident. After breaking up with Tanisha, Nipsey immediately started dating actress Laurel London. This is supposed to be the start of the bad blood between Laurel and Ermias started, over the affection of a certain Nipsey Hussle.

Lauren London and Nipsey HussleLaurel London and Nipsey Hussle are in a relatio

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Safaree Samuels’ Ex-Girlfriend Zashia Santiago

After breaking up with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels dated a girl named Zashia Santiago. The relationship between them didn’t last very long. Safaree Samuels’ ex-girlfriend Zashia Santiago is a model and an Instagram star with over 383K followers. The gorgeous ex-girlfriend of Safaree Samuels, Zashia Santiago was formerly a “Wild ‘N Out” girl. She has acted in many music videos including Ace Hood‘s “Bugatti’. People may not know much stuff about Safaree Samuels’ ex-girlfriend Zashia Santiago so, here are the 5 facts about Zashia Santiago.

Aspiring ModelThe pretty Zashia is also an aspiring model. Standing at 5 foot 5 inch, Zashia has perfect height for being a model. She continually keeps on uploading many of her modeling pictures on her Instagram and Twitter feed. The 28-year-old model Zashia is also a tattoo lover. On her left wrist. she has engraved some scripts written in the Urdu language. Zashia also has to keep some temporary tattoos on some photo shoots. She also

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Mobile Apps: How dating friendly is this?

flirt woman

Your eyes are open, and the first thing you take- is the mobile!

Oh yeah. got quite a few things to check out like:

  1. A systematic freak- then you would first out the alarm off!
  2. Next thought: I think I posted and commented to quite a few of my followers and friends last night on social media. Let's see to what happened to that
  3. Thats not it?? Hey , I wonder whether my new friend thought about me last night? We met through a dating app. He is really fun to mingle with and makes me happy.

Anything else I could need? I doubt :)

By the way, I checked out this LOVE CALCULATOR to see how much 'in love' we are!This calculator is kinda of cute and one of the easiest ones I have ever come across. Take a look at it!

Just take a minute to read the expereinces of a person who encountered with a flirtious friend and they had a love meter from Prokerala.com in it. 

You will enjoy it for sure!

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When Horoscope plays games on our life, how do we know?

There is no perfect day in out lives. But it is us who try to make our days, months, and even moments special and more memorable.

Think that you started off in a bad way today?

Well, maybe you need not be so harsh to yourself. It could be an effect of your Horoscope. So, whether you are a Capricorn, Aries, Gemini or Taurus, the planets and the moon do play their bit in your life.

Have you checked how compatible you are with your family members or even with your loved one or maybe a crush of yours?

Not everyone is compatible with everyone. We need to find who is suitable for us. Love compatibility is a very important factor in maintaning long standing relations in our life.

Horoscope is a science and in reality in never plays games. But the planetary movements do have an effect on us. So, educate yourself with regard to that.laughing

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